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Thanks for the help everyone! 

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  • First of all "the bridal moment" just isn't a thing that happens to everyone. Some of us just don't get that excited about dresses (I didn't) and that is totally okay. So don't feel bad that it didn't happen.

    Second, if you don't care for a traditional wedding dress, it's totally okay to not wear one. That said, I think your dress is lovely.
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  • Same here, I didn't have that "bridal moment" either.  I think that dress looks great on you.  
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  • Knottie1431649503 said:I have tried on a ton of dresses, and never had my bridal moment. My problem is I don't really like wedding dresses, I think they are cheesy.  I did purchase this one I like it the best I think its pretty, but I'm not very girly.  Is it too over the top? Is it cheesy? Thoughts? 

    Then why are you wearing one? I think the one you're in is beautiful, but if you don't like wedding dresses, wear another kind of gown, or a pantsuit, or whatever
    does make you feel great.
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  • You should wear a dress that makes you feel beautiful.  It doesn't matter whether or not you bought it in a wedding shop.  I think your dress is lovely.  Remember, you only need to find a dress that is beautiful and appropriate.  There is no "one" perfect dress out there.  I do not understand "falling in love" with a dress - only a man. :-)
  • The dress looks great on you. I don't think wedding dresses are cheesy, so, no, I don't think yours looks cheesy. I agree with PPs. If you don't like wedding dresses, don't wear one. 
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  • I think that one looks great on you.  You have tons of curves in it.  

    I never had that bridal moment either.  I tried on my dress 4 times before buying it and didn't really love it until after the first alteration.  Wear what makes you feel amazing, wedding dress or not.  

  • I agree with all the PP.

    The dress looks amazing on you. However, if you do not like wedding dresses why are you wearing one?

    Wear whatever makes you feel amazing and fits the level of formality of your event.
  • Thank you everyone for the support! I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who hasn't had that moment. I never dress up, so in a way I want that moment were my husband looks at me and goes wow. I know its silly he tells me I'm beautiful all the time, but still, hence the dress.
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