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Knottie Acronyms

Here is a list of the frequently used acronyms used on the community.

AW = attention whore
DW = destination wedding
AHR = at home reception
DH = dear (or damn, depending on the day) husband
FI = fiance
FH = future husband
FMIL = future mother in law
FFIL = future father in law
FSIL = future sister in law or future son in law, depending on context
FDIL = future daughter in law
FBIL = future brother in law
MIL = mother in law
FIL = father in law
SIL = sister in law or son in law, depending on context
DIL = daughter in law
BIL = brother in law
DS = dear son
DD = dear daughter
SS = step son
SS = Special Snowflake
SD = step daughter
BM = bridesmaids or best man, depending on context
GM = groomsmen
MOH = maid (or matron) of honour
WP = wedding party
ETF/ETA = edited to fix/edited to add
OP = original poster
DD = dirty delete (when a poster deletes the original post after not liking the answers)
KWIM?  =  know what I mean?
BTW  =  by the way
FWIW  =  for what it's worth
FYI  =  for your information
  =  significant other
GF  =  girlfriend
BF  =  boyfriend
PIP  =  pictures in post
IMO  =  in my opinion
IMHO  =  in my humble opinion
MUD  =  made-up drama
NSFW  =  not safe for work
PITA  =  pain in the ass
KIA = Know It All
OOT  =  out of town
MOB  =  mother of the bride
MOG  =  mother of the groom
FOB  =  father of the bride
FOG  =  father of the groom
GBCK = GoodBye Cruel Knot
NER = Not Etiquette Related
NWR = Not Wedding Related
TK = The Knot
TN = The Nest
TB = The Bump
WW = Wedding Wire
WB = Wedding Bee
BTW  =  by the way
FWP= first world problem 
FTFY= Fixed that for you
JIC = Just in case
QFT = Quoted for truth
SITB = Stuck in the box - when the quote boxes have you trapped inside
OMH = Old married hag
NBD = no big deal
NMS = not my style
BSC = bat sh*t crazy
PPD = Pretty princess day
OP = original poster
PP = previous poster(s)
IRL = In real life
bean dip = change the subject
TLDR = Too long; didn't read
STD = Save the Date, not herpes
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