Wedding Flower Mockups: How accurate should they be?

So my fiancé and I met with our florist to see a final mockup of our centrepieces and were a bit underwhelmed. We were expecting an exact replica of the centerpieces but instead were presented a mockup that only captured the size but not the colours or the exact flowers. 

For those of you who had mockups done before, were they exact? Were they in the right colours or style? We don't know how flower mockups usually work so any input is helpful. Thanks

Re: Wedding Flower Mockups: How accurate should they be?

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    This really depends on the florist and whether or not you are paying for the mock up.  Some florists will use flowers that they have on hand that are similar in size and shape as the flowers you will have at your wedding to give you an idea of what the overall arrangement will look like in regards to size and shape.  Other florists will special order in flowers that you are planning on using and make you an exact replica.  Typically the former will be done when you are not paying for the mock up and the latter if you are.

    Remember ordering in specific flowers usually requires the florist buying not just a few stems or one bunch of flowers but rather multiple bunches.  To do that just to give you an exact mock up when they are not getting paid for it is poor business for the florist financially.

    And as someone who worked in a florist for 8+ years as a designer we rarely did mock ups. Sometimes we would gather up flowers from our cooler that were similar in nature to show the size of bouquets and such but I think that we may have only made 1 or 2 exact replicas for our wedding clients.  And those clients were charged for that product.

    In the end if you trust your florist and like the work that they have done for other events/weddings then you really shouldn't stress too much about it.  Did you ask her why the flowers weren't the one's you requested or why the color was off?  If you didn't then you need to call her up and ask.  Maybe the florist thought those were the right colors and the communication between you two is off a bit.  Or maybe she would have said that she knows that the colors and flowers are not exact but she just wanted to give you an idea of size and shape.  You need to ask your florist directly because this kind of thing varies from shop to shop.

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