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Choreographed First Dance? Yes/No?

So my fiancé and I want to have a great first dance to a song that we picked. Every wedding we have been to the couples just hang their arms on each other and don't move much. He has these ideas, I'm not sure I can be that adventurous. We were also thinking of taking it to someone who does this for a living. I am some what on the fence. I don't want it to look over done or cheesy, but be a little more than a 8th grade dance. Thoughts? Someone help!

Re: Choreographed First Dance? Yes/No?

  • I think getting a lesson or two isn't a bad idea! It will teach you how to move together and look a little more elegant. But a friend of mine had gone to multiple private lessons and put a lot of time into practice, and she said that all went out the door during the first dance because they were just so excited. So a whole choreographed dance might be difficult when all of your emotions are running high.  Hope that helps! :)
  • That does help a lot actually! Thank you so much!
  • That's great by the way that your fiance is showing interest!! My fiance doesn't want to take dance lessons and when he slow dances with me he dances like we did in high school... 
  • Yea I have to admit that I am lucky he likes to be involved and help me out. I think that's cute he dances like that!

  • I got married last weekend.  We decided to not go by the choreographed dance we learned.  It was much more relaxed, we did a few spins, a lot less pressure.  When it comes down to it, I wouldn't change a thing! 
  • YES. go for it. I wish I can do the same but I can't I will be doing the traditional dance. lol.
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