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AW - We're Getting Married This Weekend!

Made it to New Orleans & so far so good. A few glitches...

Fi woke up with right eye swollen shut Monday. Pink eye! All cleared up now.

Labels came in for our praline favors, said, "Onefoot & Andy. 5.30.15" (FI's name is not Andy...

Everyone's flights have been delayed significantly.

Our ring bearer now has conjunctivitis (totally independent of Fi).

About to go pick up 125 Abita Ambers & cleared Wal-Mart out of Zapp's for welcome bags so we're back on track!

Wish me luck ladies and...

THANK YOU for your advice, your company, your entertainment, your jokes, & most of all, helping me not be an asshole to my guests. Couldn't have done it (this well) without you!!


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