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I have been searching venues in the Akron/Canton/Hartville area for hours upon hours and am having a difficult time finding a nice venue for a good price. I'm open to anything from country clubs to barns. I would like to stay around the vicinity of Akron/Canton/Hartville because it's sort of a center point for our families, but would be willing to drive a little further for the perfect venue. I have toured two venues so far and neither one have the wow factor I'm looking for. Our wedding will be in October so I would like to find a place that has indoor/outdoor ceremony areas.

Our wedding is still awhile away, but I don't like to wait until last minute to do things. Please any suggestions are extremely helpful!! Thank you!



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    What places have you toured so far?
  • We toured a few places: Lakeside Party Center, Elm Ridge Part Center (I believe this is the right name), and Hoover Hall at Walsh University. I fell completely in love with Hoover Hall and actually have a date on reserve with them ~ I am just waiting for them to send the contract! I am still open to more options if there is something similar to this venue (it's a beautiful rustic open-air lodge) because of the fact that they are EXTREMELY difficult to get in contact with.... I realize they're busy, but it shouldn't take over a month for them to send a contract or even reply to a single email... Please let me know if you have anything in mind :)
  • I know there is a wonderful winery in Canton for weddings. Can't recall the name but I heard it's lovely.
  • If you have 150-200 people, Happy Days Lodge in Peninsula is a great facility, I've been to a wedding there, they have a ceremony space attached as well. 
  • Happy Days lodge in the national park is a similar option to hoover hall and it was affordable. I toured it as a possibility and loved that both the ceremony and reception could take place at the same location, but I felt like I'd have to arrange a bus or shuttle to transport people back to their lodging following the reception. 

    The Inn at Honey Run (in Millersburg)also has beautiful indoor/outdoor spaces for the ceremony and/or reception. I don't know what they're maximum capacity is, but we booked here for our wedding and loved the upscale but rustic feel. It was surprisingly affordable, lodging is onsite, and the new coordinator has been great.

    Other places that we toured included the Piggery at Anna Dean Farm and the Hines Hill Campus (also in Cuyahoga Valley National Park) barn and church. The Piggery was super cheap in terms of reservation fees but you'd have to put more work (and money) into decorating it. 

    Good luck! 
  • The winery in Canton is called Gervasi Vineyard. it's lovely!

    There's also a place very close to Gervasi called Fieldcrest estate.  No idea on pricing.
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