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Gratuity for Restaurant Receptions

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If the gratuity amount is optional, did you guys pay the servers separately or pay the suggested amount to the restaurant?

Re: Gratuity for Restaurant Receptions

  • I would pay the servers directly if there are multiple. 
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    I'm always weary about who actually gets the gratuity that is left to the big guys. I just don't want to come off as rude if I chose to leave it off the final bill and pay individually. I also prefer to tip bartenders directly.

    *The place I'm inquiring about has a mandatory event fee that is added to the bill. I believe 5%.
  • Yea that event fee will likely not go to the servers. I would ask directly. For example, at Platinum they had a 23% service fee. I asked and this was the gratuity and went directly to the servers and bartender. 
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  • No, I'm sure it doesn't. Which is more reason to tip them directly. IMO.
  • I've actually never seen an event venue in Vegas not include the service fee of 20%+.  I had it written in the contract that the service fee was a gratuity that went to the service staff so I'd have no concerns that it actually was getting divvied up correctly.  I also asked a few of the servers that night if they do get proper tips from these types of events and they said yes.  There's no way I'd have been able to tip them all individually as there were probably 30 people working during our event.

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    I'm referring to Trevi. Their suggested gratuity is 16% but the contract gives you the option to pay your discretionary amount through your bill or otherwise. There's a major clause that's says it's optional. Which leads me to believe the staff are paid already and we can tip as we feel appropriate. I'm just not sure how many staff members we will have.

    The fees are 5% banquet fee, 8.1% taxes, and suggested 16% gratuity.
  • I am having my reception at Maggiano's and there is a 20% Service Fee. I thought this fee was the gratuity, was my assumption incorrect?

    Also, if anyone knows is the Service Fee added on before or after the 8.1% Sales Tax?

  • In our maggianos contract it states the servers are paid a higher amount hourly and the service fee is NOT gratuity and tipping at all is discretionary due to the higher hourly wage. Hope this helps!
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