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Photographer did not deliver wedding photos


It's been 3 months and our photographer still hasn't delivered our wedding photos. I've called, left messages, text her, and emailed her - I have not received any communication back from her. I'm getting very frustrated at this time and I'm not sure of the best way to proceed. We have a contract that states the photos will take 8-10 weeks, but at this time it's been 12 weeks. Any suggestions? Please help.

Re: Photographer did not deliver wedding photos

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    At this point I'd write her another letter to be sent by certified mail, in which you enclose a copy of your contract and remind her that you have already passed the contractual deadline by which she was supposed to get you the photos, and let her know that if you haven't received them by a reasonable deadline, say 2 or 3 more weeks, you will have to take legal action. Then have a lawyer follow up with a demand letter if she still doesn't respond to that.

    And keep copies of all of your correspondence with her.
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