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OK to have bridal shower at my house?

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My mom is going to be in town about 6 weeks before my wedding, and has offered to host a bridal shower for me while she's here.  My MOH would probably join in to help her host (if not, my mom would do it by herself).  Thing is, it would have to be at my own house since my mom lives out of state and my MOH is bringing home a newly adopted baby a few weeks before so she probably won't want to do it at her house. 

Would this be not OK, to have it at my house, even though I'm not the host? 

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Re: OK to have bridal shower at my house?

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    I think it's completely fine to do it at your house.  Since your mom is hosting, its not like you're planning it.  It's just a space for them to use.
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    Agree, a space is a space is a space. 

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    Wouldn't bother me. 
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    It's okay for your mom and MOH to host your shower at your house. They should make it clear on the invitations they are hosting.
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    I wouldn't care. But I also don't ever care who hosts showers.
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  • As long as it is clear that you are not hosting, it is acceptable, however, traditionally, it was considered bad form for the MOB to host a shower.  That rule seems to be changing, but it is still side eyed in many circles.
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    Agree with @CMGragain My mom seriously side-eyes a MOB hosting a shower.
  • Thanks all.  I don't think anybody that we would invite would side eye my mom hosting.  I'd only be inviting a handful of my local friends, and then rest would be older relatives that are all very sweet ladies.

    My mom's church friends back in her home state offered to host me a shower as well.  I definitely declined that one as none of them are invited to the wedding, and I haven't even met most of them.  It was still very sweet of them to offer though.
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  • Wouldn't bother me at all. I've been to several showers (both bridal and baby) at the guest of honor's home, just because all the guests usually know where it is, as opposed to your friend's other friend's house or whatever.

    Also, the church ladies probably weren't expecting invitations; lots of them jump at any opportunity to do things like that, just because it makes them happy to make someone else happy (in this case, they probably wanted to do this for your mom at least as much as for you). Nothing wrong with declining or accepting that sort of thing, but out of state would have made it difficult and not knowing them would have made it awkward.
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  • I wouldn't have a problem with your plan at all.  In my area MOB hosting is very common now too.
  • I don't think this is an issue. I know it's slightly different, but I hosted a baby shower for my FSIL and her home due to the space limitations of my own home. I don't think any guests had an issue with that.
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    My sisters hosted my bridal shower at then-FI's community room. I don't think anybody had a problem with it, as both the hosts were from OOT and didn't have a space of their own.

    Also it was really handy for me because we just had to bring the gifts upstairs afterwards and didn't have to get them into a car.
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