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I've heard there are different types of bustles. How do you determine which one to choose? Does anyone have pictures? TIA
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Re: Bustles??

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    I googled to find the different types.  I found one that I loved, but when I brought it to my seamstress, she basically said that due to the style of my dress, really only one bustle type would work and look good.  So yeah, I had no choice!  In the end, it was beautiful though.

    I would talk to your seamstress to see what types would work.  They will also be able to pin your dress up so you can see what it would look like.

    This site will give you some ideas of what the different types look like:

  • Thanks @JoanE2012 I will take a look
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  • That link that Joan posted is really great.  But in the end you need to listen to your seamstress and his/her advice on what bustle would be best for your gown.  Not only to really show off any detail that may be on your train but that will hold your train the best.

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    Yes, my seamstress was very definitive that the French bustle is the best choice for my dress, and since I know absolutely nothing about this I went with that. I think this is one decision better left to the experts...
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