Bridesmaids holding leis instead of bouquets?

Our wedding will incorporate a lot of Hawaiian culture already, but holding a lei instead of a bouquet was something I hadn't thought of. So it would go like this:

Brides (yes, two of us in ivory dresses): cascading orchid bouquets
Flower Girl: Hot Pink Tutu/Dress w/ basket & Petals
Bridesmaids (6): Hot Pink Dresses; Holding 2 leis each (purple? or green?) (hands folded with leis falling down like rosary) at waist
Each bridesmaid will give up a lei at some point in the ceremony, as my fiance and I are doing a lei exchange with our parents and eachother (totaling 6)
They will each end with 1 lei, which they will wear during their grand entrance.

Our Aunty doing our flowers explained it to me, but I can't picture if it would look nice... has anyone seen this? Can you picture it? Any ideas? Thanks!

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