Those who have ordered flowers online... (follow-up at end)

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My parent's anniversary dinner is coming up and since it's a Destination event that we're hosting, and the only florist in the area is a grocery store florist, I'm going to likely be ordering the flowers online and taking them there with me.  (I'm leaning towards the Sam's Centerpiece flowers)  I'm not new to arranging my own flowers, but I am new to ordering online for delivery and don't want to break the bank since we're hosting. 

1) How many days ahead did you order them to be delivered and did they open up nicely?

2) Which online florist did you use, and would you use them again?

3) What did you learn that you wish you'd known BEFORE embarking on this project?

4) Vases - online or just run to pick up a pack of canning jars and call it golden?

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Re: Those who have ordered flowers online... (follow-up at end)

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    Hi...I have heard that Sam's flowers are really nice. I used for a party I did centerpieces for and we are going to be using them for the flowers for our wedding too.(They have all types of flowers..we got the vases at the floral wholesale place..dollar store is good too) They send the flowers by Fedex, they come closed, so we did the centerpieces the morning of the event and they were opened and filled the square vases. 

    You can mix and match what flowers and colors you need. Plus if you sign up for the newsletter you get coupons. 

    Hope this helps to give you a possible choice 

    Good luck
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  • I used bloomsbythebox for our wedding flowers. I ordered them quite a bit ahead of time (since I knew I'd need them for the wedding), but I think they let you know on each specific flower how much lead time they have. They were shipped on a Thursday, arrived on Friday, and were open/hydrated enough to be arranged by Saturday around lunch time, and I got married Sunday afternoon and they held up well :). I would use them again, for sure. I wish I had known to order Quick Dip online (to help hydrate them/open up quicker/help them keep nicely until my Sunday wedding) as well as Crowning Glory to help them keep until the next day, since I thought it would be easy to get at a local floral shop and it turns out, it wasn't (they ended up selling me some of their own supply). You can get it on their website, I think, but also on amazon. That stuff was liquid gold for my peonies/hydrangea/ranunculus. Vases: I wouldn't order them online, you could probably find a much better deal somewhere local-we went to Goodwill and picked up different glass containers and spray painted them the same color for continuity. Good luck!
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    I ordered from Fifty Flowers. Their service was good. On their advice I had my flowers delivered on Wednesday for my Saturday wedding.

    I wish I had been more prepared with buckets for the flowers and how much time it would take to unbox and cut all of them. I also panicked when all my roses looked smashed, but they opened beautifully - I wish I had known that and not stressed out about it.

    ETA: The best option for vases just depends on what look you want. You won't necessarily get them cheaper by ordering online (although you might) so just decide what you want and look around.
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    I ordered arrangements from Costco for our RD. I had the flowers delivered on a Tuesday. When they arrived I trimmed the ends and put them all in vases and stuck them in the fridge until Friday morning (the day of the RD). That morning I took them all out, arranged them into some jars for smaller bunches and they opened up beautifully for our evening event.

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    We ordered our flowers for our wedding from Costco. We picked them up from the Costco on a Wednesday and kept them in water and in a relatively cool room until Friday before the wedding on Saturday. 

  • Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to follow-up on how things turned out so when this becomes a zombie thread yada yada...

    I ordered the flowers and vases from Sam's.  The vases were linked as "Also purchased/viewed" on the site.  They arrived and were neat!!!  (hold up to the end though!)..  The flowers I was seriously getting nervous about by Wednesday afternoon when I hadn't gotten a shipping confirmation on them because I'd ordered them to come on Thursday AM AND the fact that I had also ordered napkins that Sam's site said would be here last Tuesday but didn't arrive until the following Monday (after the event) which I was sort of miffed about since "Delivery by June 9th" was on everything.  I needlessly worried about the flowers because they arrived before noon just as the site said they would on the Thursday I ordered them for.  Unlike the paperwork said to do, because it was a destination event, I didn't open up the box right away and open the flowers up and get them in to water, though I did my best to keep them as cool as possible and not touch the blooms (I took them out of the shipping box and put them into small storage bins that I could transport all 6 in my car easier).  I ended up waiting until about 4AM on Saturday to do so and glad I did as by Sunday afternoon with as hot and humid as it was so many blooms were fully open and bordering on over the hill.  When I got to the venue after setting up I went to put the flowers from storage tubs of water into the vases...  To my surprise - the vase opening was FAR too small for the arrangements!  So, off to Walmart Clearance aisle for replacement vases. Not that the replacement vases were expensive, but it was $13 I hadn't expected to spend nor the hour that I didn't have for the extra running. 

    But, overall, the flowers were GORGEOUS!  I could never have afforded a calla/rose combo in that nice of an arrangement from a florist even though there wasn't a florist in the area as an option I could have used anyway!  We ended up breaking the flower bunches apart and using the vases that were too small and sending flowers home with the guests (what was I going to do with that many flowers - people enjoyed getting to take them home to enjoy!)...  I also enjoyed the fact that the most I had to do was chop the stems off and put them in water! 

    Given the circumstances, I didn't have much choice other than to DIY this detail, but at the end of the day, I'd really prefer to give my budget to a florist and let them do the work and setup for me!

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