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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

What to do with Wedding Cards?

Did anybody do anything fun/creative/interesting with their wedding cards? They've been sitting in the cardbox since our wedding. We're getting ready to move and I can't decide what to do with them. I feel bad throwing them away but I feel like it's such a waste to pack them up and most likely sit in a box in our basement for years. Any ideas?

Re: What to do with Wedding Cards?

  • Mine are sitting in a box.  I scrapbook, but I'm not really a fan of scrapbooking cards.
  • I bought a beautiful card box, which is quite flat and slides easily under the bed, or can be put anywhere without taking up too much space. It's not the card box used at the wedding. I loved reading through all the cards as I placed them in the box. I have also put a spare copy of our invitation in that box, and the program from our wedding.
    I wouldn't throw the cards away, they are precious and you will want to look over them one day.
  • I scrapbook too, and if I really like a card I will scrap it. I also know that I have pics with quite a few people from the wedding, so if I like their card, I will probably scrap it with their picture. I did this with a few of my shower pics, and they came out pretty cute.
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  • I just put mine in a box and stored it in our basement.  It doesn't take up much room and we (or our kids) may want to look back through them someday.
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  • A friend of mine made them into a book. She just put the three small whole punches in them and tied them together and she has them sitting on the shelf with her other wedding items.
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    [QUOTE]A friend of mine made them into a book. She just put the three small whole punches in them and tied them together and she has them sitting on the shelf with her other wedding items.
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    <div>That's super cute! Mine are sitting in a box lol</div>

  • Oh you must keep them!  This is the only time you are ever going to get a wedding card, right?  They're not like other cards - you'll have more birthdays and more "congratulations on your new job" or whatever - but ONE wedding!!  

    I love the idea of stringing them together and making a book.  I am incorporating them into my guest book - instead of getting a traditional guest book I got a Kolo scrapbook with a page for every guest.  I set up my own digital SLR camera on a tripod with the camera remote control so people could snap their own photo when they signed the guest book.  (Kind of like the new trend of the photo booth but I happen to be a shutter bug so I wanted my own camera there!)  I had each guest sign the book and write a message on a full page and I am putting their photo and card (if they brought one) and response card on their page.  It's a fun little project that is helping to manage my feeling of post wedding let down!  

    If you don't want to keep the physical card, at least scan it in as a digital file so you'll have it in some form forever!  

  • I'll probably scrapbook mine.  I scrapbooked all of our engagement cards as well.
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  • I sorted through mine and only kept the ones from our close family members and close friends. (Cards from my husbands great-aunt he hasn't seen in 6 years and the co-worker my parents invited were all out.) And I put the rest in a nice little box. I'm glad I sorted through or else I would of have over 100 cards in a box and now I'm down to about 40. Smile

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  • Sitting in card box too.
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  • I bought a big plastic storage bin from BB&B and put all things wedding in it. It will basically serve as a wedding capsule that I can go into time and time again. I put all our cards that we have gotten along the way (engagement party, shower, bach party, and wedding), all the little take aways from our wedding (menu cards, programs, place cards), I put my bouquet completely dried out in a plastic bag with dessicant, my veil, a wedding planner binder that I used along the way,  our toasting flutes,leftover invitations and save the date cards, and a few wedding magazines that will show what weddings were like in 2010. Save everything so that you can dig them out years later!!
  • I plan on scrapbooking them. Not really the cards themselves, cuz those are manufactured. But I want to keep the signatures and handwritten notes. I'm probably going to put them on the back inside cover of my wedding scrapbook.
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  • I'm not much one for being sentimental about 'things' so we picked out the ones that actually had sayings/notes in them to save with the rest of the wedding stuff. The other cards (that just had signed names, etc.) went in the recycling.

    But, I also donated my dress two weeks after the wedding, so that shows you my sentimental reasonings ;)  I AM however going to do something with all of the photos.
  • mine is still in the card box. But love the idea of making abook out of them. =)

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