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Is this too ambitious?

I want 3 different centerpieces. My biggest concern is the tall one and doing it myself, and also transporting these. Our wedding is on a Sunday evening and a couple of my bridesmaids are amazing and offered to help, so I know we will have the time to do between 12-16 centerpieces. Is this just too ambitious? Any pointers on transporting the tall ones?

Re: Is this too ambitious?

  • For the tall arrangement use these...CLICK to make the arrangement in.  This way they will be easy to transport.  Then use some of this...CLICK to adhere the plastic dish to the tall vase when placed on the table.

    As for how ambitious this is really depends on your experience with arranging flowers and working with floral material such as floral foam, etc.

    I would suggest designing the tall arrangement not flat on a table but rather propped up on a bucket so that you can angle some of the flowers downward as seen in the picture.  And really you only have to worry about the first two arrangements the night before because the last arrangement can easily and quickly be put together once at the venue the day of.

  • THANK YOU! I have arranged flowers before and one of my bridesmaids did her own centerpieces for her wedding too so she has some experience with floral arrangements as well. Youtube has been helpful with tutorials but without having done a tall arrangement yet I was unsure of DIYing it.
  • Oh and use this...CLICK to secure the floral foam to the plastic dish.  You don't want that sliding around on you.  I usually just wrap it around the dish and floral foam twice and that should be plenty.

    And most likely all the stuff I posted can be found at Michael's or JoAnn's or some other craft store.

  • Okay thanks!!
  • My only concern would be having a cool place to store all the flowers after purchasing them & then if you do them the day before, storing the centerpieces. I wouldn't wait until the day of the wedding to make them. Even with an evening wedding, you'll want time to do your hair, get ready and relax and if it takes longer then expected, it could throw off your whole wedding day schedule.
  • These are very pretty! I would personally DIY the last one and leave the other 2 to a professional florist. It is not worth the stress. If money is an issue you can possibly find the vases and other non-perishables if you will and purchase them your self.
  • Those last two look a lot like my centerpieces.. The orchids are super easy.. But the tall ones aren't easy to put together at all.. make sure the wet foam is in water bc the hydrangeas need tons of water to keep. do a practice run on the tall one, bc If I had to do it again I'd pay someone to do those and DIY the others.. It was a lot of stress.
  • I do a lot of decor and floral and still think these are a little ambitious.  Just make sure that you know what you are doing with prepping the flowers, flower food, cool storage, etc.  Also, I use a wholesale floral warehouse and still...when I look at those arrangements I see money, money, money.  That tall arrangement probably has close to $100 worth of floral.  I just spent $30/10 stems of peonies and the hydrangeas were up to $40 for four stems.  Pinterest and other visuals can be dangerous because they are so dreamy but show really expensive beauties.  I don't mean to rain on your wedding ideas whatsoever...just encouraging you to do a reality check.

    Yesterday I did simple flowers for a wedding with 80 people.  That meant centerpieces for 8 tables plus the head table, and two med-large arrangements for the ceremony. I spent $260 on floral alone. And the arrangements were about half the size of the lower white one you pictured.

    I hope this helps by comparison to consider your selections.  It might be good to consult with a florist and get a you have an idea. Then look very closely at images you like and start actually counting blooms and comparing costs.
  • I say do them yourself! If money is a big factor you can do them yourself just fine. Get good strong flowers so the type of flower is a big factor and storage once you put these together you must keep them cold! Ask the venue if they have a fridge and if you can bring them earlier or keep them in your basement and turn down the temp. Cost more in electricity but it's one day so you should be fine. Go to a couple flower shops and just ask what flowers you think they would use, get a few opinions and then focus on the price and the look that you want.
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