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Wedding Planning....

Oh how i miss thee.....

I actually sit back and think dang seems like it was yesterday i was planning and going crazy trying to get things together. Dealing with the difficulties that came along with wedding planning. But, i must say i kinda wish i could still be in planning mode. <shrugs> 

I think its the fact that i didn't have anything big i want that huge wedding with the wedding party and everything... Although i did get to put on the dress and look glamorous for a day i still want to do it again.

I'm sure i am not alone with that feeling every woman wants to feel and look special.

Soooo i told him when we hit 10 years together i want a really nice reception (SN: For those that don't know we didn't have a big reception we just went to a restaurant and ate).. But i want the dancing, in a hall with a nice reception dress and the works just like a real wedding reception...

Mind you we got together in 2007 and married in 2014 i'm thinking about the reception to be done on our wedding date in 2017..
Yall think that's too much???

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Re: Wedding Planning....

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