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Save the Dates and Engagement Pictures

Hello brides,

We will be taking our engagement pictures next month. We are going to use two different locations. The photographer says there's an unlimited amount of locations...which is AWESOME !
Have you all discussed the type of outfits to wear? Our first location will be where we got engaged and the second location I'm thinking a local park. I really wanted to go to DC, put you have to have a permit which is about $120:( Sorry I'm not paying for  that.
Is anyone going to go match or have similar clothing?
- The first outfit will probably be a blue clothing themed. I'll be wearing a blue dress with a hint of other colors. I'm not sure about the second outfit.

Is anyone mailing Save the Dates ? If so when? I'm a little bit confused as to when it is appropriate to mail them. I was think October .. Is that to early? I will have a lot of out of town guest and know most will have to save $$ to come.

Re: Save the Dates and Engagement Pictures

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    We took our engagement pics a few weeks after we got engaged. We really just wanted a few for Christmas cards and wanted some around the time we got engaged because I'm sentimental like that. We just did colors that were similarly matched- I did a light gray cardigan sweater with a burgundy shirt underneath and a black scarf and FI did a dark gray sweater. 

    I did STDs (lol) and mailed them with Christmas cards this year. I know, super early, but we're doing a DW and our families wanted to plan their family vacations around the date. We figured instead of just answering question after question we'd send our save the dates. We did them on magnets so they wouldn't be a piece of paper that got lost (did them on Vistaprint). I think October is fine for sending them.

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  • @kmomac I would have done the same thing if I was doing a destination wedding. Yes, the questions can be annoying. When we got engaged one of my mothers friends kept asking questions after questions , like are you all going through married counseling…wheres the venue…you need DJ, i know a great one . Now the only question we get is When is the wedding?! I cannot wait to send the Save the Dates off! 

    If you don't mind me asking: for a destination wedding is it true that you should go through the courts from where you are a residence and get married there first and then go overseas for your "wedding"? When George Clooney got married over in Italy, him and his now wife went to the court house first and then had the big wedding. America is opposite, but wasn't sure how the destination wedding stuff works.
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    I'm not sure, because we're doing a DW in the states (Ohio to Florida for us).

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  • @kmomac Oh i apologize , thought you were going to a different country. Wow Florida will be super nice!
  • So exciting, @the2016bride2be! We took our photos over Memorial Day weekend at a park across the street from the college we both went to, where we met. We unfortunately had to pay for a photography permit at the park ($150 for three hours), but shooting on campus afterward was free lol We lucked out with the photographer as he's a friend of my sister's who does family portraits and is branching out to engagement photos. He gave us a great deal, so it offset the permit cost. 

    I had two outfits and he had three (easy for guys to just switch tops in the middle of a park!) I wore dark skinny jeans and a turquoise colored top & flats for one outfit and a dusty/blush pink midi-length skirt with a chambray top tied into a knot at the waist & nude heels). He wore three different button downs - all soft colors. (I'll post pictures when we get them this weekend. eeee!)

    Some words of wisdom for anyone taking engagement photos: DON'T FORGET YOUR PANTS! I'm not even kidding - this happened to the fiancé. Yep! We're wearing comfy clothes, like sweatpants, for the ride out there to keep our outfits wrinkle free and we're about 10 minutes away when he asks me if I brought his pants. Apparently I thought they were with the shirts I grabbed, but nope! They were back at home. Panic set in very fast, but LUCKILY, my MOH had stayed at our apt the night before and hadn't left yet, so she got up really fast and hit the road (ohhh, just an hour and a half drive). Life. Saver. We ended up doing about an hour and a half of photos from waist up until she got there with the pants. And of course we got one full-length, serious shot of us with him in his dress shirt and sweatpants. hahah Turned out to be such a fun day though, despite the no pants panic moment!

    As for save the dates, we'll probably send them out in October or November, so I think you're right on target :)
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  • We're actually taking two sets of engagement photos. We took some with a friend who is studying photography shortly after we got engaged last year, and then sometime this fall we're taking them with our actual photographer. Two sets aren't necessary, but I adore photos so I'm rolling with it. :D

    For some reason, I cannot get the stupid forums to let me post a picture. But you can click the link, if interested ha. The photos are much better quality pixel-wise, the collage app just lessens them.

    https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/shares/53o1Q1

    These samples from what we already took. We were definitely going for informal and fun here. We're not an overly fancy couple, so we just used these to have a fun day hanging with a friend and taking some pictures. In the ones with our actual wedding photographer I'll be wearing at least one dress, and forcing fiance to put on a dress shirt. :P

    Also, these photos make me cringe a little because I have lost over 20lbs since these were taken last year, woo! So add that to the list of reasons why we're doing two sets haha.

    One of my bridesmaids is getting married next year as well, and they took pictures wearing football jerseys from the college they met at. So if you have a sports team, or similar interest they make for GREAT photos.

    I think it's important for the photos to reflect you guys as a couple. Most importantly, be comfortable because it will really show in the photos. My favorite photos are the ones of us just hanging around. There is this perfect one with my fiance is making this RIDICULOUS face he always does and I'm looking at him trying to be reproachful but I can't because he's making me smile. Which is basically our entire relationship in one photo, haha.

    Finally, we're sending our Save the Dates in early December. We're getting one of those picture cards made, and also putting a little wallet size photo of us with a message for the holidays inside the envelope. The actual Save the Date won't be Christmas themed, just the little photo will.
  • @rachdzgo08, those photos are adorable! looks like you had a fun day :)
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    No engagement pictures for me , but I think save the dates should go out in January . 6 months should be plenty of time, for most our guests are in town. Out of town guests and bridal party received a message informing them of the date.
  • Ladies! Let's see some of those engagement photos!

    (I'm late to the board. Expect a lot of bumped threads lol!)
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