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Has anyone heard of a Sea Glass Ceremony?

I'm looking for ideas (other than sand and basic unity candle ceremonies) for my beach wedding in October.  I've seen a few websites (of JPs and Officiants) mention a Beach Glass Ceremony - but I can't find any other information about it.  What is it?  What poem/reading/story is said? HELP!

Re: Has anyone heard of a Sea Glass Ceremony?

  • These are all very recently created events (I believe the sand ceremony has its origins in a roughly 2000 era invented ceremony for the television show The Bachelor). So there is no proper way to do any of it, and no standard readings or what have you. I assume a beach glass ceremony is just a sand ceremony with beach glass.
  • You can't find any information on it because it's a recent invention based on a decorating trend. The beachy theme. 
    If you really have some kind of deep spiritual bond with sea glass, enough that it has some kind of significance to your marriage vows, you can go ahead and make up your own ceremony. You won't be breaking any traditions, because there are none. 
    The sand ceremony is based on the ancient tradition of the set people couldn't keep the candles lit when they were filming Ryan and Trista. People took the sand idea and ran with it. I think it's silly. 

    I would just skip it. Why bother to incorporate a non tradition that has no meaning to you? 
  • We are doing a sapling ceremony where we will have our mothers plant the tree in a pot and then my fiance and I will water it. We both have a connection to the red maple and that is the tree we are using and why we are getting married in October. But anyways there wasn't a ton written online for the sapling ceremony so I took bits of what I did find, some unity candle ceremony, and some old philosophical information on the meaning of the red maple and mashed it together to create our ceremony. 

    With yours I would try to combine a sand ceremony and any meaning you can find with sea glass. It wasn't too hard, the longest part was searching for the ceremonies and red maple info. Once i had it it really didn't take too long to put it together in a way that made sense. I had my FI and officiant look it over for any changes. 
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