Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

What is the 1 thing...(to the married gals)

that you would have done differently or changed pre-wedding or day of wedding? What would have made your day so much easier/memorable/stress free??

Re: What is the 1 thing...(to the married gals)

  • I would have lost weight.  Seriously.  I don't know why I didn't get my act together and exercise.... drink more water.  I think I was kidding myself.  Should have dieted.  Oh well.
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    I really enjoyed my wedding. My mother in law was my florist and wedding planner. She brought our woodland / vineyard theme to life and I couldn't be any happier. Our photographer was Caitlin Thomas Photography based from Pittsburgh Pa... a very wonderful woman who I went to college with. She worked with us during our entire engagement  and took SO many beautiful photos.

    Three things I would change:

    Prior to getting married, my husband and I thought we would have enough time to make rounds at all the tables where our guests were seated at. To our surprise, we had no time! Everything happened so quickly and by the time we got to the third table, we were called to go someplace else (For instance, cutting the cake, dance, etc) No one warns you about these things Tongue out

    Although our photographer was amazing to work with, I recommend writing a list of the people you want to get pictures with.... because time runs so fast that you might forget someone.

    I asked my Uncle to film the ceremony and reception because I didn't think my husband and I needed a professional videographer. As I look back on the decision, it could of been worth the extra splurge! Nothing against my Uncle though because he did capture all the special moments!
  • I would have accepted more help from my mother in law, especially when it came to the programs.  I ended up doing them the night before and didn't go to bed until 3am.  I look so tired in the photos.  Should have found a way to get everything done the full day before to rest the actual day before.
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