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What are you doing with your flowers?

OK, so I was a good girl and hung my bouquet upside down almost right away. In the month + since the wedding, It has dried what? I have seen old photos with dried bouquets displayed, but I am not sure how to go about doing this.

Does anyone have tips/ideas about how to display a dried bouquet without just laying dead flowers on a bookshelf? Thanks!
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Re: What are you doing with your flowers?

  • I had mine in water for almost 3 weeks, they lasted insanely long. (I had the best florist, ever!) I hung them upside down and they have dried and look beautiful. I still have them hanging from a ceiling fan in one of my spare bedrooms.. I'm not sure how to display/store it either!
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  • Mine are fake flowers so they are just as beautiful as the day I got married sitting on the mantle :)
  • I have a small bud vase that I have filled with dried petals from flowers my fi has given me over the years. I want to do something like this with my wedding bouquet, too, but maybe something a little bigger (and covered, so they don't get ruined).

    At Christmas, I noticed the empty glass balls at craft stores and thought they might be pretty filled with wedding flower petals, so maybe I'll distribute them across a few projects.
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  • I don't have mine, but I saw someone use a shadow box with their flowers and a picture. 
  • I had real flowers and i still have them on the dining room table!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!! they are still absolutely beautiful.

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    I dried mine upside down.  Took apart and sprayed each flower with clear spray paint and arranged in a shadow box (can be purchased at Michael's) with sticky dots.  Put some momentos in with them.
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  • you can dip them in wax, it gives them a unique look, and they last about 10-12 years, depending on how good the wax is. and the wax keeps the scents in. which is nice too
  • Well...I tried to hang them upside down. That lasted about 2 days and then then the smell of death began. Apparently you cannot hang calla lillies upside down. The drip and they stink.

    So I ended up throwing it out. florist said she would recreate the bouquet and then we're giving it to another florist who does this freeze dry method and then she will put them in a glass cube for us to display in our living room.
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  • I will most likely do a real touch bouquet because I am having a destination wedding. I was thinking of taking some of it and putting it inside a clear christmas ornament for our future tree. 
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  • My mom has dried all of the flowers that she could that were ever given to her(insane, yes) and plans on having them buried with her as symbols of all the love in her life.  Sweet in a morbid kind of way...
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