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Managing wedding planning stress!

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Hi ladies!  I am getting married on September 12th and am very excited!  However, I do feel pretty stressed out now that we only have a little over 3 months to go.  We have a lot of the major things booked (ceremony / reception venue, catering, photographer, florist, cake baker, hair / makeup), but I do feel late on certain things.  We still need to finalize the dj and officiant, & also I need to order, address, and mail invitations.  I also find the whole process of managing the guest list a bit overwhelming & don't want to offend or forget anyone.  We did create our website and start registering, and I selected bridesmaid dresses, so I have a decent amount of things completed.  I guess it's just managing all the little details & not forgetting anything that is stressing me out.  Also, I work a full-time office job and am planning an out-of-state wedding so I have time limitations as well.  How do you ladies manage the stress of planning and just enjoy the process?  Thanks!! :)

Re: Managing wedding planning stress!

  • I am a project manager so for me the easiest thing has been to treat this 'just like a project'. I created a task list and a schedule in an excel spreadsheet. This gives you a deadline to complete things so you don't keep putting them off. It also helps you stay focused on ONE task at a time and complete it. I have found that before the list I would just flounder in a whirl pool and have a hard time making decisions so I would procrastinate.

    I am 4 months out and you have way more done than me! I think you have plenty of time. Just create your task list and it'll clear your mind. It helps to see it all out on paper. :)

    Hang in there!

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    I'm also september 12!

    Second the excel spreadsheet.

    Create a list of everything you need to do. Give each one a deadline. Sort the list by deadline date and start ticking them off.

    Most people are full time workers when planning a wedding, so don't let that stress you out. You are in the same situation as most people and most people manage quite well. I am also planning a wedding long distance (in my home province vs where we live now) so I can understand the stress there but keeping a list and sticking to your deadlines will help. Even small details, give deadlines. Get your FI involved, it's as much his wedding as yours! My FI job allows him more phone flexibility than mine so he's been huge in phoning vendors, so finding tasks that work best for you vs works best for him will split up the work that needs to be done and make everything seem more manageable (heck, when my FI has an extra day off he's been crafting favour boxes!)
  • I have a tendency to focus on just one object of my to-do list until it is completed, which I think helps keep me from getting stressed by looking at the whole list.  Also, doing creative things actually helps relax my stress so at least I've been getting my decorations done!!
  • Another Project Manager Bride!  Yes, it makes it easier when you already have the managing skills.  I've actually had a really nice time planning my wedding, so much that I am thinking of a new career as a wedding coordinator!  37 more days!
  • Take a deep breathe and just remind yourself you get to marry the love of your life
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