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To those who's weddings already happened...

What small details can you share with us still awaiting our big day? Things you'd do differently, or didn't think or, or would've allowed more time for, or any other "If I only known..."?


Re: To those who's weddings already happened...

  • I thought my day was perfect.  There's nothing I would change.  The only advice I would give is to enjoy every minute.  Savor every detail.  It went by so fast.  
  • Order less cake and/or desserts than you think you need! We had probably half the cannolis leftover and tons of cake.
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  • I wish we were able to open our gifts for each other for the videographer. Neither of us had an opportunity. Other than that, it was perfect! 
  • Enjoy every minute of it. Don't let anyone or anything upset you. It all goes so quick. I wouldn't change anything from my day. I enjoyed every second and it ended so soon I kind of miss all the fun and happy moments I had that day :)

  • Don't worry about the small stuff-  you'll either be too excited/nervous to notice much of it.  Or in my case, rushed because you're on the beach in between storms :)
  • We had a great day. Glad we had a videographer and 2 photographers. Our main photog had camera issues and as a result a good chunk of our reception photos were not captured so glad we had a backup. We don't have any regrets but if you want to save money, skip the favors because people will either forget them or not care for them (unless they are edible).

  • Do not sweat the small stuff and enjoy every single minute of it.  I would not change anything about our wedding day.  The day goes by so quickly, please make sure you and your new hubby get a chance to just stop and take everything that is happening around you in!
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  • If you can afford it, get a videographer!  When you get done with your wedding, you will really want to see what the experience was like for your guest.  We tried to have a family friend video tape at least our ceremony from the balcony and she missed the entire procession, didn't move the camera to see the readers, etc.  Very disappointing in the end.  I wish I had splurged for a videographer.

    Also, you are getting all this advice about letting go of the details and just enjoy the day.  Agreed!  But also tell your groom this!  I realized that as soon as I relaxed, my hubby jumped into planner mode and was so worried about details getting done or if our guests were feeling comfortable.  He was running all over while I was knocking back a glass of wine and dancing all night long.  

    Honestly, I had a wonderful wedding day and so much fun during the planning.  But if I could change these two things, it would have been even better!
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  • I would plan more time into the day to We were running around like crazy to get our pics done, going here and there, greeting people, etc., and we had a blast but I didn't have time to just take it all in. I only got one bite of our delicious cake too!

    I would have a few "must take photos" for my photographer because some photos I really wanted didn't get taken and I had forgotten about them.

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    We were so blessed to have warmer weather than predicted, no mishaps, and the day flowed pretty smoothly. Although my family didn't come, I focused on the people that did come to support our love/union. It was a great day, I can't complain. The pictures turned out great. I'm still on a "high" from the day. Advice- Enjoy every moment, don't sweat the small stuff and remember the day is about you and yours and love. :)

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    Thanks all! Very helpful. Some thoughts...

    ~I was thinking of saving money by skipping the videographer and have been questioning that, so now rethinking...

    ~We've been looking into a photobooth in place of favors...

    ~Nor really doing many small detail things becuase I know I'd be driving myself insane on the wedding day.

    ~Hopefully since not that many extras, we will be able to also enjoy the day and have fun!
  • Take any help that is offered.  DH and I were so focused on making sure nobody had to do any work at our wedding and doing it all ourselves that we were exhausted by the end of it.  At one point on our wedding day, his sister cornered me and said "Let me do this!!  I want to do this." I was too tired to argue at that point and it was before the ceremony.  I also finally relented and let my brothers' wives help out so I could take a nap.
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  • I hand painted our aisle runner, it was a wonderful touch and beautiful. After the wedding I took it to our area framing store and had it framed. It's on our wall and is gorgeous! If you can afford it, its a nice personal touch. Have a photo booth - it'll go over huge!! 6 months later and everyone is still talking about our amazing wedding and how much fun they had. Have a videographer....there is so much that you will miss because it's your big day. We love watching our video, it was so great to see all the small things, what people were talking about, hearing my husbands reaction when he saw me for the first time walking down the aisle...that is such a wonderful moment that I am forever grateful to have. Things will go wrong or not as you have planned, there's nothing you can do about it. Just roll with it. Take a few moments together after the ceremony. Enjoy the day!!!
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: To those who's weddings already happened...</a>:
    [QUOTE]Thanks all! Very helpful. Some thoughts... ~I was thinking of<strong> saving money by skipping the videographer</strong> and have been questioning that, so now rethinking... ~We've been looking into a <strong>photobooth </strong>in place of favors... ~Nor really doing many small detail things becuase I know I'd be driving myself insane on the wedding day. ~Hopefully since not that many extras, we will be able to also enjoy the day and have fun!
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    Our wedding was pretty budget-friendly and perfect!
    We skipped the videographer and I don't think we missed a thing by not having one. Just make sure you have a good photographer with an assistant if you decide not to have a videographer.
    Comments on pics: One thing I regret the photographer didn't take a pic of was the venue itself. She did a great job of capturing the emotion of the day, but I really wanted a pic of the barn we had our wedding in. Also, advice: definitely take family/wedding party pics BEFORE the ceremony. This made our wedding so much smoother and our "first look" was a really special time I got to enjoy with H alone.
    So many people commented on our DIY photobooth, I think it made the night so much more fun and it was not expensive at all: a polaroid/fuji camera, a backdrop a guestbook and some props (<a href="" rel="nofollow">PICS</a>).
    More advice: enjoy your food and eat before you go around to thank everybody. You'll be glad you enjoyed that expensive meal :)
  • Tip: we saved a lot of $ by having sparkling cider instead of a champagne toast. The kids could drink it and no one missed it!
  • I would have eloped rather than dealing with any of the drama!
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  • Don't drink too much on the party bus! 
  • Follow the standard advice about not asking anyone to be your MOH too soon (not right after you get engaged) unless it is your sister or something and you ahev known since you were ten who your MOH would be. It is easy to make an emotional choice that does not make much sense.

    Know that whatever decisions you make about your wedding, time place style blah blah someone will be grumbling, you just can't make every single person 100% happy and that's okay.

    Take some time for a honeymoon, even if it's an at home honeymoon. If you can swing something like two weeks off of work, do it you only get this one wedding.
  • Whatever you do...get sleep the night before.

    To do so, ask for help to get the little things done (like the programs). Don't be afraid to ask for help.
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