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Jewelry advice/question for bridesmaid dress color

Hi all! I am getting married at a vineyard in Sonoma in September. My bridesmaids are all choosing their own dress style, but the color is Mahogany by Alfred Angelo. The groomsmen are wearing grey Vera Wang vests/pants, white shirt and mahogany tie. I plan to purchase the jewelry as part of their bridesmaid gift but have been struggling...what color/type of jewelry would be best? Silver? Pearls? Rhinestones? Thanks!

Re: Jewelry advice/question for bridesmaid dress color

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    1. If you are requiring them to wear this jewelry as part of their outfit for your wedding, then that is not a gift. That is something YOU want them to wear so it is more like a gift to yourself so you should plan on getting them a normal gift. 

    2. I would let them pick their own jewelry. What if one is allergic to certain metals (I know I am) or doens't like the style, it will be a waste.

    3. If you are insistent on doing this I would do something sparkley. 

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    Jewelry that they are required to wear as part of their wedding party attire is not a gift.  Well it is, but it is a gift for you, not for them.

    Let them pick their own jewelry.  I couldn't even tell you want jewelry my BMs wore and you can barely see it in the pictures.  Really this is a non-issue and something that you shouldn't waste one more second thinking about it.

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