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Halloween card box

Like a different poster in an earlier thread, I too recently discovered how expensive card boxes are, and figured yeah, I can do that myself. Some of your suggestions were really awesome, and I love the idea of going to Michael's or a similar craft store and making my own card box.

Any fun suggestions for my Halloween wedding? My sister had a cool idea to get a big fake pumpkin and cut a slit at the top, but most craft pumpkins are made out of foam, so hollowing it out to fit a bunch of cards would be challenging. Another idea is a big cauldron, but I don't love the idea of having all the cards out in the open like that.

Thought I would throw it out there if any of you crafty knotties have creative ideas! Thanks!
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Re: Halloween card box

  • Something like this would be amazing. Alas, it's almost $500 on Etsy.

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  • kaos16kaos16 member
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    Maybe do a cauldron and make a covering to look like spiderweb?
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    Have you tried to google fruit shaped or pumpkin shaped baskets with lids?  A quick search revealed this........

    By early September, the craft stores will be filled with options along this line.  I know I have seen wired fruit shaped baskets with lids.  
  • Could you do something with paper mâché and a huge balloon to create a fake pumpkin? Delicate but you could put something sturdier in the middle.
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    I have seen hollow, carvable  pumpkins at Michaels and Joanne's  not sure if they would be large enough for a card box, though.

    How about an apple basket? If you don't want to leave it open, you could make a cover for it from heavy cardboard and cut a slot for the cards. 

  • O.k. The Cauldron idea is actually workable...  Here's how... (we did this for my cousin's wedding gift of kitchen spices/ingredients/supplies for her Halloween wedding).. 

    Purchase the plastic cauldron with handle (large one)...  Create a tri-post hanging thing (as if it'd be a witch's pot hung over a rustic fire) using three branches ~3-4' long and thick wire or long bolt w/ nut and put a locking hook on to attach it (i.e. if someone wants to walk off with this thing, it's going to be an ordeal!)...  You can either Create a "boiling bubble" out of sheer type fabric (Cotton works easier for this!) using a beach ball and liquid starch (can get this in the laundry aisle - SUPER cheap!) to make the form to fit inside the cauldron "as if" it's a bubbling liquid...  Assemble it all together and put some small sticks under it with some aluminum foil and either an orange glowing light or glowstick to reflect up...  Then inside the card cauldron put a green glow stick when the room starts to dim...

  • I believe Funkins are hollow. There were some pretty large ones at Jo-Ann Fabrics last fall.
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  • thanks all!
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  • We're doing a Halloween wedding too!  But ours is horror movie themed.  Some ideas we've had for a card box include:

    1. A child sized coffin (creepy and definitely large enough!)
    2. A cage with a stuffed raven in it (nice nod to Edgar Allen Poe)
    3. A cauldron
    4. A mini Audrey II from Little Shop of Horrors.  This would require a bit of work as the mouth would need to be big enough to slide cards into and there would need to be some sort of attached receptacle to collect them.

    We just can't decide!
  • I agree there is nothing funny or entertaining about child sized coffins. There's a pretty good chance someone at your 200 guest wedding has suffered the loss of a child.
  • Team "Skip the Child-size coffin"...  Especially for those parents who've suffered a loss or miscarriage, there's nothing cute about triggering someone..  Plenty of ways to still incorporate a coffin and horror movie theme without it being a child-size one...
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