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Beach Wedding Help...

Hi all. I grew up in Newport Beach and am looking for a beach near there somewhere that allows for a wedding and is accessible for guests? Also, any places for a budget friendly reception nearby? I am just seeking ideas so far as I am not engaged yet but BF gave the green light to research....Thanks.

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    Casino San Clemente could be a good option for you. they have a grassy area that you could have a ceremony on over looking the beach. They might be able to have the ceremony on the sand as well but I never looked into it since i wasn't interested in a beach wedding specifically. 

    I looked at a few places before I got engaged (we had been dating for 7 yrs) but nothing I liked could work once we got engaged and looked at them together both with pricing and our wants together. Try not to get your heart set until you're engaged for two reasons: 1-so he doesn't feel pressured to pop the question too soon and 2-so you can have the experience with him when you find your venue. Obviously you guys have talked about marriage since he's okayed your search but if he doesn't feel pressured, he may be more inclined to plan the proposal more and you could get an even better proposal story than you ever imagined! :smiley: 

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    We got engaged yesterday so I'm looking now for ideas....May 2017 is our tentative wedding month...
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