September 2016 Weddings

Officially a Sept 2016 bride!

Deposit is down on the venue and I'm officially Sept. 25, 2016! 

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Re: Officially a Sept 2016 bride!

  • Congratulations!!!!
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  • Congrats, me too!  We first chose Sept 10th, then it turned out another couple who have a lot of mutual friends also picked that date.  Luckily when I called the photographer he had a cancellation for September 3rd, 2016, which lined up with the venue.  I just booked the officiant yesterday :)

    I have all of these ideas and I just feel like it's so far away..  I guess more time to plan means less stress later on?  How are you guys dealing?
  • @breezergirl27, I'm getting the major things done now and then taking a break! We move into a new apartment next week and that has taken priority over everything wedding. But I have my officiant, venue, dress, photographer and cake baker done. End of September we do engagement photos so they are the same month as our wedding then sending out Save the Dates in December. We also booked our room for the wedding night and going to be solidifying the room block soon.

    Advice: Do the big things now then take a break. With our timelines, we have plenty of time. Take care of the must-have vendors that book up then relax!

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  • @Blackbird230, thanks for the advice :)  I feel like we are at the point when we can take the break which is good because we bought a house in June and I'm in the process of picking out paint colours!  It's fun, but a little stressful.  It'll be great in the end.  

    My sister is going to make our cake.  She recently made a Naked Cake for her best friend's bridal shower that was both beautiful and delicious!  We have our Housewarming/Engagement Party on Sept 12, then engagement pics on Oct 18.  I'm excited for those!  I'm thinking that we are going to do online Save the Dates to save money and then send out real invitations through Vistaprint.  I found a site called Paperless Post where they have free customizable Save the Dates and you can put in your engagement pic as the background on some of them.  I think they'll be lovely :)

    Now back to the paint swatches..
  • @breezergirl27, we are looking at Vistaprint for our invites too!

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