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Big wedding :(

Being a big fan of Say Yes to the Dress & 4 Weddings I knew that a big wedding was for me. I wanted the cool DJ, pretty flowers, lots of close bridesmaids, an awesome brunch bridal shower, and everything that will cost $20,000 + at the end. 

This past week I had to pump the breaks and think about the money that my parents were going to spend on just one day. I realized that the big wedding wasn't for me or my fiancé. Honestly, the #1 reason for canceling the big wedding and going for a small wedding with just family and close friends is because we are buying a home. Purchasing a home isn't cheap. 

This past week I was watching a show called Arranged it showed the process of the couples wedding day and after it. There was one couple that stud out to me the most, because the wedding was BEAUTIFUL. It was something out of a pintrest board, but reality sunk in after the wedding when the couple moved in with the husbands brothers home. Moving into your brothers home when your parents just spent $30,000 + on your wedding? Ummm no.

Now back to my story : 

Since when we aren't doing the big wedding next June, the date is moved up to next month ! We are going to go too the courthouse to receive our marriage license, then outside the courthouse have our officiant marry us. The courthouse that we are going to they don't perform marriages inside, the couple has to find someone that they either no or use someone from the counties preferred list. After the ceremony we are going to have a "cocktail hour" at the restaurant were dinner will be served along with our first dance, father daughter dance and mother & son. Guest are free to dance as well. The timing works out perfectly, because his family will be in town next month. 

Honestly, we are both excited for our intimate wedding. I purchased my dress yesterday from Macy's and my heels from Nordstorm. I purchased makeup yesterday and received tips from a sephora employee. The only thing that we invested in is a good photographer. Smart phone pictures are cool, but a photographer will be best. 

My advance for brides on this form and others that still have time to change the wedding is think about the money you or your parents are spending. Just think about all of the things that could be done with that $, purchasing a home, paying off student loans, or buying a car.


Re: Big wedding :(

  • You small wedding is no less of a wedding than someone who spends 100k! The most important thing is you are spending the rest of your life with the person you love, nothing else really matters. Big weddings certainly aren't for everyone, and neither are small ones. I also think hiring a photographer was a great idea, just because your wedding is intimate doesn't mean you won't want amazing photos!

    Best of luck on your very fast approaching big day!!
  • @rachdzog08 Thank you so much for the kind words!
  • OK I am jumping on the small wedding band wagon too. Now I just feel bad talking about wedding things to people who will no longer be invited. Awkward. I was just thinking I can have a 10 person guest list, a high end photographer and serve steak at my wedding instead of a 100 person backyard shindig. Thanks for this post it was fucking great.
  • @ibarfburlapandlace you're welcome ! I think a high end photographer is a must. I hope you have a great wedding !
  • We're doing a small wedding too. We're keeping it under $3k, with maybe 40 people on the guest list. Basically like a catered picnic with lawn games and all kinds of fun stuff. I had a big wedding before and all I could see was my parent's money going down the drain. It's just not for me.

    I can't wait to see pictures :) Most courthouses are just so, so pretty, so I'm sure your pictures will turn out gorgeous! :-)
  • @marinsmomma When I first started planning my wedding in January, I was so excited. But as the months passed I felt myself becoming overwhelmed. When I went to try on dresses it didn't feel right. Yes I love the FIRST dress, but paying $2,000 for a one time thing didn't settle in my stomach. I didn't want to see my parent's money go down the drain. Honestly, I'm much more excited for my small wedding than I was for the big one. My heels came in the mail today! They are gorgeous. I will still have a bouquet which I designed this weekend. 

    I hope your wedding is beautiful &  thank you. I really hope the knot comes up with a board designed for courthouse/ small weddings. I'm sure there is something similar but its needs to be more blunt.

  • FI and I are leaning towards a small, rustic wedding too. But we'll see how our budget goes and perhaps stretch the guest list from 30 to 60. I love intimate weddings and I think that yours will still be incredibly special, even if it's not a big wedding. 
  • Thank you. I hope you have an awesome rustic themed wedding!
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