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Hi All! This is for anyone who has dealt with Succop Conservancy.

I am trying to make an appointment with them to view the venue. I reached out to the events email last Wednesday and then directly to Nancy on Friday. I haven't heard anything back yet. I'm a pretty impatient person! I was wondering if you have had any troubles getting in contact with this venue? I don't know the typical time it takes to hear back. I know we are right in wedding season so they are probably extremely busy. Should I just call instead?

Also, my wedding is going to be a smaller one. The max amount of people would probably be around 60-65. Do you know if they allow smaller weddings?

Thanks in advance for your replies! :)

Re: Succop Conservancy

  • I would call.  I haven't heard of this venue, but I was trying to view a different venue once and it turned out their email system was down for like a month but I was able to get an appointment the following weekend when I called.  Good luck!

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  • Hello!  We just got married here, actually.  I never had luck with the events email, I would email the venue coordinator (Davlin) directly- d smith AT aswp DOT org.  You can call the main # listed for the venue and leave a voicemail, but I always found that she responds better to email.  Succop works exclusively with one caterer (Medure's), which has a 100 person minimum.  You could certainly have less people, but you will end up paying the per person price for at least 100 people.  It is still a pretty good value considering that the fee to use the venue is pretty cheap and you can bring your own alcohol.  It's a great spot!!!
  • Thanks for your response! I finally heard back from Davlin a week after I sent my first email. I asked for her to put a date on hold and I wanted to schedule a tour. I am now waiting for her to reply again. The wait is killing me! I did talk to Pete from Medure's and he provided some good information for me. I still think with about 65 people it's going to be a great deal compared to a lot of other venue.
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