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Help! I am trying to find recommendations for a wedding band in MA for a wedding in 2016 on the south shore. I am learning that wedding bands are a lot more expensive than I had first thought and it is hard to find pricing info for most of them online. I at least would feel better in advance if I know I am not embarrassing myself by referencing a budget way under their usual fee.  Does anyone have any recommendations preferably for bands 5k or less?


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  • Hi! I'm looking for the same thing, but I've been recommended the Mike Dumas band. You can search for them online and they have some youtube videos!
  • Funktapuss, 57 Heavy, Brian Sanses band, Daniel Byrnes band (playing my wedding, full band with horn section, under 2000) Molly Parmenter and the godspell, Just Like That, Aaron Norcross and the old dogs, groovy afternoon, Sarah Leketa and the problematics....

    Amazing live music in the area!!! Instead of searching cape bands check out the venue websites. We have a couple BBC's down here, check out the entertainment schedule for the week to find different local bands. The Cheap Seats is a local radio program down here, check it out on FB and it will link you to a ton a much more reasonable local music!!! Don't pay 5 grand!!! I hope this helps!

  • We used Those Guys NPT.  They were amazing! Literally, everyone was on the dance floor ALL night.  We had so much fun! They did our ceremony music too (from their Ipad) They were so great. and they are under your 5k budget.  Highly recommend!
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