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Need help with entrance of family and processional

Hi Ladies,

Did you have grandparents walk down the aisle? What about the grooms parents?

I originally thought it would go like this:

Officiant & Groom 

Grooms parents

MOB escorted by her brother 


Best Man



Bride & FOB

But as I have been reading different versions, it seems the grooms parents usually do not walk down the aisle, and seat themselves like regular guests. 

Also, if the best man is not walking down with the groom, does he walk down before or after the other groomsmen? There is no side entrance, it is an outdoor ceremony. 

Thank you in advance!

Re: Need help with entrance of family and processional

  • This is how it went for us...

    H's one set with Grandmother escorted by a GM and Grandfather walked in behind
    H's other set with Grandmother escorted by a GM and Grandfather walked in behind
    My Grandmother escorted by a GM

    MOG escorted by a GM and FOG walked in behind
    MOB escorted by a GM

    (once the GM was done with escorting duties he went and stood up front)

    Groom and Best Man walked in from the side



    My Dad and me

    Seeing as it is an outdoor ceremony you could have the Groom come in from the side.  But if you want everyone to walk down the aisle then I would have the Groom walk down after his Best Man.

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    It's up to you, really.

    Sometimes the grandparents are part of the processional, sometimes not.  When they are, each grandparent couple could walk together, or the grandmothers can be escorted.

    At Jewish weddings, the groom's parents do escort him down the aisle, whereas at Christian and other weddings, the mothers often are escorted separately just before the bridesmaids, flower girl, and bride and her father.  But there isn't any wrong way to do this.

    At my cousin's wedding (she was the bride), my father and brother escorted my grandfather, who was in a wheelchair.  My grandmother had been deceased for several years by then. 

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    My DD's civil ceremony:

    Officiant and Groom took their place in front of the podium
    Bride's Grandparents walked together down the aisle 
    Groom's Parents walked together 
    MOB (me) escorted by groom's cousin. This was the musician's cue to start the processional music

    bm and gm walked in pairs

    MOH and BM 

    Bride and her Dad

  • This is how we did it:

    Officiants and groom/groomsmen came in from the side.

    Parents of the groom together

    MOB with my brother

    Bridesmaids, then MOH

    Flower girls

    Dad and I

    If the BM doesn't come in with the groom, then I like where you have him after the groomsmen.  Just like bridesmaids and MOH.

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  • We have no wedding party so we're doing groom's grandma w/ escort (her son), groom's grandpa w/ escort (his grandson) parents of groom, parents of bride, officiant, bride and groom together.
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