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Nevada-Las Vegas

Reviews-Cosmo,Linq,Masterpiece,Bently,Harmony,Culinarypros,djtruenuff, jason bird, Bell trans

irishvegasirishvegas member
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edited June 2015 in Nevada-Las Vegas
Cosmopolitan A++++++

Reception- Wonderful experience. **We did NOT need a key for the elevator to get to our room the entire weekend** This was my biggest worry. Didn’t even need a key at all! We had 50 people in the wrap around suite With a full DJ and Catering and all went great! The view is one of the best in vegas hands down. People say on these boards “well i would never have more than 20 people in that hotel room” I’ll tell you 1st hand. You absolutely can! Security wanted us to shut the door and not have the lock keeping the door open and that is all. Cosmo was great to work with.

The Linq Hotel (Silver Sky Chapel) A

Wedding-The chapel is wonderful. I was emailing with Liana for a year before the wedding and she always replied quickly, easy to work with. She was not there the day of the wedding but you wouldn’t even notice. The other girl that was there (i forget her name) was very nice and it was all pretty seamless. All the music was played correctly and she asked me what color for the lights. The hotel only had 1 elevator working that goes to the chapel so that was a bit confusing but it all worked out just fine. People also talk about the “ugly waiting area” outside the chapel? it’s actually kind of nice I knew people had complaints but, It’s really not a thought. The rooms weren't the best, a few people stayed there. It was cheaper so they were happy staying there but if i had to book a room block it wouldn’t be there.

Masterpiece Cuisine A++++++++

Heavy Apps with Full bar and bartender!! Scott the owner was the one who from the beginning over a year ago told me you can have 50 people in this suite he has done it before and it works just fine. He was Correct! I didn’t worry about the catering at all, every single review for this company is great and they were. If you do nothing else for your wedding hire this company and they will take care of it all cleaning everything while they work and i don’t even remember seeing them leave it was seamless. Everyone said food was great, bartender was wonderful!

Culinary Pros C-

I requested a specific DOC from a previous wedding i went too. There were two that day and they sent me the wrong one. She was essential to have because she was there while all of my family was at the wedding while the caterers and DJ were setting up. The particular woman i got was very random and caused more stress than being helpful with a few issues we had. She was not a good manager of people or crowds which is what a DOC is.. so as a previous manager of a company it caused me more stress than anything. After the wedding culinary checked in to see how she was and with my complaints Culinary pros came through after the wedding with wonderful customer service in refunding us for the 8 hours we paid to have her. Culinary also never sent us a contract or talked about how to pay until right before the wedding when i asked. It’s not a huge deal but more of a risk for them than us without one.

Bently & Wilson A++++++++

Another Vender I never worried about. All reviews are great. Todd is very laid back and up for anything. Knows his way around and can just wing it if you have no clue where to go. Should get our pictures back in a week or two and i’m sure they will be great!

Harmony Tapia (Harmony Artistry) A+++++++

Harmony is such a wonderful laid back person. She did an amazing job! My makeup looked better than it ever has, and i am a makeup girl! I showed her a picture of me for my usual every day and what i wanted and she did just that. I didn’t change a thing. Spot on!  My curls in my hair didn’t last all day but after an hour in the sun on top of everything else, no ones would have. I was desperate to keep it down but to do it again throwing it up would probably be a better idea. She did my moms hair and makeup and i have never seen her look so good!

DJ Tru-e-nuff B+

Was recommended by DJ Godzilla as a new DJ that will be working for him soon. We had an issue with my coordinator and telling him when we walked in which wasn’t his fault and he did announce us as Mrs. and Mrs. Which was a mistake, but funny.. I think he was nervous and we have boy or girl names so he may not have known at last minute which was which. He also didn’t have our wedding song he had the wrong one, but luckily i had it so it took us a few minutes to hook up my phone but we got it playing. Once that was out of the way and he just started playing music he did a great job lots of different music for all ages. He shutdown his computer at the end of the night and my husband remembered we needed to do speeches (no coordination, part of the coordinator issues) so he turned his laptop back on for us and stayed later. He also included free uplighting for us. which made the room look great. 

-Awesome Prices.

Jason Bird (Magician) http://magicofjasonbird.com/ A++++++++++++++

If you don’t want do the vegas Elvis stuff like me, HIRE Jason Bird!! He was AMAZING! All of the stories after the wedding are about him and his magic. So Much Fun!!! His tricks aren't like “oh man he picked my card” they are 10 people and myself were watching both of his hands the entire time and how could he have possibly done that? This was one of the better decisions we made having him show up. His price is awesome and he comes for an hour. He came in towards the middle to end of the reception. He was on the balcony the entire time surrounded by people. If i had to do it again i would try to keep him for an additional hour.

Bell-Trans A++

We hired them twice once for picking us up at the airport and taking us straight to the marriage license bureau and to our hotel. The other in a 29 passenger bus that took 1 trip from cosmo to the wedding at the linq and 2 trips back and forth from wedding to reception for all guests. All worked out fabulously! So much so that when the driver was at the airport waiting for us my new 18 year old sister in law whose flight was delayed and found my driver at the airport before we got there was able to jump in the car and we had plenty of space to take her to her hotel as well. ON TIME and Called with no issues locating them. I would hire them again!

If anyone has questions feel free to comment or message me i am very happy to help any bride in need! Thanks everyone for all of your help and support planning this wedding! The day flies by SOOO fast!!

Re: Reviews-Cosmo,Linq,Masterpiece,Bently,Harmony,Culinarypros,djtruenuff, jason bird, Bell trans

  • adverbadverb member
    100 Comments Second Anniversary 25 Love Its Name Dropper
    So I was originally going to get a DOC thru Culinary Pros, but they told me they would put me in touch with her a week before my wedding? Which uh.. kinda defeats the purpose of a DOC to me.

    Did you have this experience?

    What food did you have from Masterpiece? Did you do a tasting with them?
  • Congratulations and Thank you for the reviews, we are using Todd and Harmony too - can't wait, would love to see some of your pictures too.
  • Thanks for the reviews! Congrats :) 
    Wedding Countdown Ticker
  • So sad to hear about Culimary Pros! I am booked for a DOC based on previously positive reviews.. I am 4 months out so haven't needed to contact her, but I have all of her contact info if needed. I have been mainly emailing with Sari who told me to send over whatever items I needed shipped ahead of time, and provided a list of "day of" things I am looking to have handled. I do have DOC for 8 hours, but mainly to get guests to transportation bus after ceremony and then go to reception to assist with set up. Otherwise, I prefer to be main contact for my vendors right now, and have just been assured lots of "little things" will pop up day of I'll need assistance with. Nonetheless, for you to have a person day of and it be a mess, oh my!!! Happy to read the ther great reviews and experiences you had for your day! I also have Todd and Harmony! Who was your DOC day of if I may ask?
  • Knottie75522276Knottie75522276 Dublin member
    10 Comments First Anniversary 5 Love Its Name Dropper
    Thanks for reviews...would be interesting to know who the DOC was...I also have booked cul pros! I also booked Todd, so great to see another positive review.
  • xoedenxoeden member
    Fifth Anniversary 500 Comments 100 Love Its First Answer
    Cosmo: How busy/packed was the Wraparound? Do you have photos with all your guests in there? We toured it in May and it seemed sooo cramped feeling.

    I didn't find the pathway to the Silver Sky ugly, it's just not lavish like some of the other chapels. :) I'm glad you had a great experience!
  • irishvegasirishvegas member
    Eighth Anniversary 10 Comments 5 Love Its Name Dropper
    edited June 2015
    @adverb I emailed Sari a month before the wedding and never heard back. I wasn't even sure if someone was going to show up or not. When Scott from masterpiece called me 2 weeks before the wedding and asked if i had a DOC I told him i can't get a hold of them so he emailed the owner Sari and she called me right away. She then said she would text me the number of my coordinator after we hung up. She never did so i texted her a week before the wedding and she shared the information. The coordinator i got was Lisa. I know they do have other people that are great on staff, you don't often see a poor review about their employees. She never talked to me about the option of shipping things or anything else.. too bad. I had heard that but with lack of communication i didn't want to risk it. It turned out ok. 
    for culinary Pros Look at my website ckwed.us I have our full menu on there under wedding & Reception tab. I had been to a previous wedding they catered and theirs and my food was awesome. Don't even worry about not tasting any of their food pick out what sounds good and i guarantee people will rave about it. This is a company you don't need to even worry about. They will be great. 
  • Congratulations and thanks for the reviews :) If you don't mind me asking how much did your magician cost? 
  • @futuremrshauger You are making the right decision with the 8 hours of a DOC. Mine was a bit frazzled but she did help with lots of things i needed. She was a neutral person who wasn't my family member so they didn't need to miss any of the festivities or anything. Just have an itinerary for them like name of vender what time they show up and when you will be leaving or guests coming back. Helps them stay organized and on time.
  • @xoeden I don't have my photos back yet but when i do i will post them. If you are familiar with wrap around we took that big tan chair by the sliding glass door next the bar and put it on the patio and multiple people sat on that. we also took both chairs from the bar and all 4 chairs around the dinning room table and placed them outside on the patio. People actually ended up finding places on the 2 sides of the patio and just hung out there. one group stayed inside on the couches and chairs. Culinary pros put food out everywhere some on the desk, on the dinning table, they set up a chef station by the other door in the living room and the dj set up by the desk. There really wasn't that much to move around. I think a lot less of moving stuff than in the vista suite. I also didnt order any high top tables or anything and it was just fine. The view was all everyone could talk about. Watching the fountains every 30 minutes.. it just can't be beat! 
  • @irishvegas Oh No I was given Lisa lol! Oh boy. I am not even going to worry about. I think I'll start trying to connect with her now just to get a feel. Thanks again!!
  • @ futuremrshauger What's her last name? you can PM me if you want. May or may not be the same one. 
  • @irishvegas I just PM you :) Thanks again!
  • @jdaigle44 $250 for 1 hour or $400 for 2 Hours. We did 1 hour and it was awesome, I wish i would have done 2 :)
  • So glad you had good experiences with Masterpiece and Harmony! I am using both this August! Congrats! :)
  • xoedenxoeden member
    Fifth Anniversary 500 Comments 100 Love Its First Answer
    If you could post photos, that would be amazing! I couldn't imagine getting any more than 15 people comfortably in the Wraparound and pretty much wrote it off as a venue, but if you comfortably had 50, then I'm amazed and want to see how you did it!
  • Congrats, and thanks for the reviews! Love reading good things about Cosmo, we're doing an in-suite there too :)
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