Newly Engaged! is it to soon to plan?

Hello everyone, I am recently engaged and we are planning on having our wedding in Oct '16.
Which is 16 months away, is it to soon to start planning? I am going to see a venue this weekend and some of my family members are telling me its way to soon to start planning, that I should sit back and enjoy being engaged. 

Am I wrong for planning so soon?
I just do not want to be stressed out last minute, trying to get everything together.

Re: Newly Engaged! is it to soon to plan?

  • Okay first of all SUPER HUGE CONGRATULATIONS!  Girl, you're engaged! 

    It is not too soon to start planning.  I'm in a similar boat to you - August of 2014 we decided to get married and I'm from Canada and he's from Arizona so we have a HUGE task ahead of us. 

    My suggestion as a counselor?  Start doing the fun parts of planning now.  Buy some bridal mags, load up your pinterest with ideas, enjoy being engaged.  BUT do not put the big/hard decisions off for too long.  Sit down with your partner and decide on a timeline.  In the meantime, look at bridal trunk sales to get a dress you adore at a price that you'll love!

    So happy for you!  :)

  • Congratulations!!! I don't think it's too soon , no. As a wedding photographer in AZ, I mostly hear from my couples how fast the wedding date came up and how they wish they had more time to plan and not scramble as it came closer. I think planning early can actually give you more time to enjoy those months leading up to the wedding and then enjoy the wedding itself without the stress of the last payments etc looming over you. Design wise, you'll probably start out wanting an italian inspired wedding, then change your mind and want a retro theme and then think you can do a fusion of the two and then change your mind all over again. Pinterest can be your enemy here. I would recommend a stylist/wedding planner to help you stay on track and make sure your wedding is cohesive in the design. 
    Denise Karis

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