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Which Dress?!?

Hi Brides!

I am having major issues choosing a dress. I was hoping to get some constructive feedback for all of you. I think I have it narrowed down to 2 Enzoani gowns (Gretchen and Houston).Gretchen is the first dress and Houston is the second. Let me know your opinions (good or bad)!  Also, if any brides have either of these dresses, i'd love to know and see pics! Thanks for all your help! :)

Re: Which Dress?!?

  • First of all, both dresses are AMAZING and you seriously look incredible in both. Either one you pick your fiance's jaw is going to DROP.

    But I think I like the first one a little more. The beading around the bust and the belt really give you a beautiful shape. I think the lines are cleaner as well, which is really appealing to my eye. I don't love that the second one has a little bit of leftover appliques going into the bottom, and I don't think the beading is as artfully placed.

    But really, you look stunning in either!
  • Thanks! I agree with you! But my mom and sister (MOH) both prefer the second dress. I hate that I care too much what they think! I do love both dresses and can't decide if I should just go with what makes them happy...I could keep looking but its getting exhausting! hope your dress shopping is going better than mine! :)

  • Not to confuse you or make you feel any more torn, but I LOVE the second one!! The bodice is amazing! However, I do agree with @rachdzog08 that the appliqués that drop down looks a bit misplaced. Wonder if that could be altered? 
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  • Second one. I love the detail it has.
  • Love the first one on you! Gives you a beautiful shape! Love the beading and clean lines. It's your day, go with what you feel beautiful in :)
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