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1 month later...

Hi ladies...
So I continued to post a little on my local board but have been getting pretty depressed because I am not planning any more!  I really miss it and the excitement of it all! I definitely loved every second!  What's nice is my husband and I are no longer only talking about the wedding and things have gone back to normal, but I do miss having something to look forward to!  We got our sneak peek from our photographer and I am excited to see what all of the pictures will look like, but thats about it! :) 

It is great actually having a savings that will stay in our savings account though! 
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Re: 1 month later...

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    [QUOTE]I miss the planning too sometimes, but it is nice to no longer have your savings account drained due to the wedding. Now our savings account is getting drained because we're in the middle of buying our first house. Super exciting, but also super stressfull. I told DH it's like deja vu of this time last year, and I can't imagine how anyone plans a wedding and buys a house at the same time. Unless you're getting financial help from your parents for one or the other, it's insanity! Not just financially but emotionally too. Huge props to those of you who did both at the same time! The time really does fly by, I was also married 9 months ago and can't believe we're getting so close to our 1st anniversary. It feels like just yesterday I was impatiently waiting for our wedding day, and now it's almost a year later.
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    We are doing this, and yes it is insanity.

    The only saving grace is, we waited to buy a house and get engaged until we had 98% of our debt paid off.  Now that we are in the home stretch we're talking to realtors and I am spending hours on TK and MLS in turn lol.  FI isn't interested in any of the wedding research, but he is very interested in the house hunt so he's heading up that project while I am heading up this one.

    He's also interviewing for a promotion at work on Friday so this week is a huge crunch.  We're going to house hunt Saturday as well as check out a venue I's going to be insanity for sure, but we already have a 2yo so our life is insane already.
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