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Talk to me about Welcome Bags...

I have a pretty small guest list but of course they are staying all over the strip. For those brides who did Welcome Bags, how hard was the execution? 

Did you buy all the goodies (waters, snacks etc) before hand and bring them with you or did you hit up a few stores to get all the necessary supplies once in Vegas?

Also, how difficult was it to get them to all the hotels? Right now my guests are staying at, Caesars, Vdara, Polo Towers, Cosmo and the Aria. Seems like a whole day's work to get them distributed.

We aren't doing favors or having a bridal party so I kind of want to do a little extra for my guests that are traveling from all over the country to be there. BUT, I don't wan to be running around like a maniac the day before the wedding trying to get these bags to where they need to be.

What do you all think?

Re: Talk to me about Welcome Bags...

  • Honestly I would skip it (and I did, personally).  If you have a block of rooms at a hotel they should work with you to distribute bags, but if everyone is just making their own reservations your guests may not even get them (after all there are usually 10-20 check in stations processing thousands of incoming guests), and running around to that many hotels sounds really stressful.  As a guest while I enjoy a welcome bag it's not something I notice missing either (kind of like favors, which are also no big deal).

    Alternatively if you're having a meet and greet you could distribute them there, I just wouldn't run around to all those hotels in hopes that whoever checks them in makes sure they get it.  If you do that I would pack the bags you want to use and just run to the CVS or Walgreens on the strip for the water/snacks/etc to put in them.
  • I agree. If you are having a meet and greet give them out there if you are not, maybe at the wedding like their wedding favor? I would NOT try to run to every hotel to deliver them because that will be stressful/expensive/time consuming. You never know if the hotel will actually deliver it to them or not. 
  • This is next on my list and I am still unsure! There are previous posts on this thread about welcome bags (I just searched). So far I have been lucky as most of the guests are staying at our hotel Flamingo just from what I have heard in speaking with my family. On my wedding website (AppyCouple) when people RSVP it prompts guests to indicate what hotel they are staying at. Since it's 4 months out some people may not even know yet. I am renting a cabana at Flamingo (if pools are open) and plan to have a little welcome meet and greet, but that is the morning the day before wedding, so some guest wont be in until that evening.

    I have read though from previous Knotties to skip the welcome bags as it has been a hassle! As the possible things that can go wrong.

  • You guys are pretty much echoing all the thoughts I'm having about it. I found REALLY cute tote bags that I wanted to order but now that I'm realizing the amount of work to execute, it sounds like a pain!

    I actually found a cute website that will make the bags and deliver them for you, but its expensive!! I just did a rough estimate and it's WAAY more than I wanted to spend.  If you guys are interested and have a big budget check it out.

    We're doing the cabana thing the day after for anyone that wants to join- we'll probably have an informal get together when we all get in but I don't have anything planned really.  I think I'll probably put it on the back burner for now.


  • You don't have to deliver them the day before the wedding. My FI and I (and some of our friends) are planning to deliver them a few days before the wedding so that they will already be at the hotel when guests check in. It will be a little bit stressful, sure, but I think it's a nice touch. I don't want to give them out at the Meet & Greet because guests might want to go out after, and I don't want them to have to lug a bag around the whole time. We will be giving guests staying off-strip their bags at the Meet & Greet, though, because we don't really have any other option. 
  • We're getting married on a Wednesday and getting in in the afternoon on Monday. We don't have too much time to get it done. I am thinking we will probably skip them although I do think they are a cute touch. 

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    Do you really want to spend your day-and-a-half pre-wedding packing up bags and racing all over the strip in hopes of making sure your guests get it? Skip it and save yourself the headache!
  • I loved the welcome bag idea but agree that it seems too much hassle to deliver them when everyone's arriving.

    So we've decided on mailing out our "wedding week" itinerary along with some info about Vegas, a list of our favourite places etc. to all guests about a month before instead of doing invitations (everyone has already booked flights so no point doing an invitation if we know who's coming!). That way guests have it to help plan their week before they arrive.

    We're also thinking about doing "hangover kits" to hand every one after our in-suite reception!

  • Hang over kits are a great idea. I got one at a vegas wedding a couple years ago and i'm pretty sure we used everything in it! ha 
  • I was iffy about guest bags but in the end I am so glad I did. My guests LOVED them! Luckily most of my guests were at the same hotel. I simply reached out to the hotels and asked if I could drop them off. The only downside I had was that Flamingo would only hold them for 24 hours and we had people coming over 3 days so every morning I had to run them down for the day. It wasn't that big of a deal but they did make me fill out a form and I had to text everyone that day and tell them to pick them up. 

    I have seen people hand them out at meet and greet or dinners where everyone would be at so that could be an option. 

    Since we live in Phoenix, we had everything before and packed them at the hotel the night before everyone arrived (I was too excited and couldn't sleep so it seemed like a good idea at 2am lol). 
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    @sasalew, Make sure to get some Eboost for those hangover bags! An awesome hangover solution (I think the Cosmo even stocks it on their room service menu). ;)
  • @xoeden I am 31 and never even heard of eboost how is this possible. I was just thinking, "Shit. How am I going to make it Tues-Sun?!"
  • I survived by continuing to drink. I was wasted all day but I slowly sipped on drinks so I didn't crash lol. I also had 5 hour energies whenever I could find them. You are also moving and doing so many's almost impossible to crash haha
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    Eboost is like a huge shock of vitamins in to your system. Super handy to have while in Vegas, I never go without it! -- easier to travel with than their liquid shots like those little 5 hour energies, but with no crash. 

    There's a Canadian site too (, but I don't know if there's a UK site for all of the UK brides.
  • This is a very informative and highly entertaining thread.
  • here's my welcome bags, and I delivered and loved it, no problems and my guest where thrilled to have them, some of my guest are still using the welcome bag today!!
  • @jayjaay, Woah! Your welcome bags are awesome! I wish I could've been a guest at your wedding just to have received one, haha. :)
  • americankorean LOL! Thank you, I even gave some to our hotel house cleaning staff.
  • I might give out welcome bags at the meet and greet, but completely forgot about travel guides! Are they readily available to pick up a large quantity? I don't remember seeing on my one visit. (And jayjaay, that is an awesome selection of goodies! I especially like the Bloody Mary makings!)

  • I just called the Vegas Convention Center and they sent me guides and other little trinkets. 
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  • Thanks, hmgiffor! I'll call, if it's too close to have mailed to me, maybe they will let me pick them up.
  • Ditto - The Vegas travel book - they gave me 40 for free :-) at the Convention Center, I picked them up - FYI - I was also in Vegas for a week before my wedding and a week after, I had a rental car too.  I had time to run around and do stuff.
  • Hello all:I am handing out my Welcome Bags at the Meet & Greet the night before the wedding.

    I sent an email to the convention center and they are mailing out my goodies for my gift bags on 07/01/2015. I will let you know what I recieve when it all comes in.

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