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Kalamazoo Knottie?

Anyone in the Kalamazoo area know of inexpensive venues? We are still figuring out the ceremony part but it will most likely be a Catholic ceremony so we're looking for reception only. Any suggestions?

Also, does anyone have any tips on in house caterers vs booking your own caterer? I'm at the beginnings of planning and the options are making my head spin. We were thinking about July of 2016 but since we haven't even found a venue we might push back to 2017 to save up more money. So this may be a more "in the future" sort of thing :)


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Re: Kalamazoo Knottie?

  • ...Beuller?

    Does anyone use this board?

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  • What kind of ceremony venue are you looking for? Indoor/outdoor? Any particular area of K-Zoo you are looking for? I've looked at lots of differ things in this area the last couple weeks for my wedding next year. What kind of budget? 
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