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Appropriate Amount for Wedding Party Gifts?

How much is an appropriate amount of money to spend on bridal party gifts?   The attire for my wedding cost $190, plus the shoes/jewelry (which I let them all pick on their own).  Some are getting their hair/makeup done with me at their request, some are doing their own.   They gave me a bachelorette party and helped with my shower.   All in all, they probably spent $600 or $700 a piece.   I don't want to look cheap on gifts.

What is the appropriate amount? 

Re: Appropriate Amount for Wedding Party Gifts?

  • Jen4948Jen4948 Houston member
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    Whatever fits in your budget.  Shop for each one individually-they don't all have to get the same gift, and it doesn't have to be monogrammed or marked "wedding."
  • Jen4948 said:
    Whatever fits in your budget.  Shop for each one individually-they don't all have to get the same gift, and it doesn't have to be monogrammed or marked "wedding."
    This. If you can afford a thoughtful, personal $10 gift, then spend $10. If you have the budget to spend $50 per person, do that. 

    Just try to spend roughly the same amount on each one, and as Jen said above, shop for each person like it's their birthday (so please skip the monogrammed robes and all that nonsense). 
  • Depends on your budget. I have 5 bridesmaids, 6 nieces, and one nephew in the wedding, so I'm spending about $40 on different gifts for each BM/MOH, and about $10-$15 on each of my nieces and nephew. But ditto what PPs said--as long as it is a thoughtful gift, you can get something nice for $10-$20.
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  • thisismynickname2thisismynickname2 City By The Lake member
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    When you consider your budget, I'd also just say go for quality, or at least meaning, over quantity. I'm a person who actually likes getting jewelry as gifts-- because I wear jewelry all the time-- but once I got a cute silver charm bracelet that tarnished really quickly. I'd rather have something else than something that's a piece of crap. If she spent $5 on that, well, a heartfelt Hallmark card would have been better. 

    DH and I had 7 total attendants and spent about $80-$100 each. (We didn't have a rehearsal dinner so felt like we should spend more to thank them.) My friend who was recently married; her husband I'm guessing spent about $80 per guy (7 guys) and I'd guess she spent about $40-50 per girl (8 girls).  They bought really nice stuff; I'm familiar with the brands so that's where I'm getting my figures from.  
    Even if your budget is $10 per person, that's totally fine. Just do something thoughtful. 

  • This is totally based on your individual budget. Maybe that means $30/each, maybe that means $300/each.

    I had 4 BMs and their gifts probably cost around $200/each. I also bought everyone's shoes and a set with a real pearl necklace and pearl studs. I bought one BM's dress because she was in nursing school and came on hard times. 

    This was not in proportion to anything they did for me - a family friend threw my shower and afterwards, we all just went to dinner and the bar for my bach (I paid for their hotel rooms). It just worked with our budget. 

    DH bought his GMs each an Invicta watch. I really don't know exactly how much it was per GM, but I think around $250/ea (or so). 

  • AddieCakeAddieCake Beyond the Wall member
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    One thousand dollars.
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  • I spent about $50 per girl and wrote each bridesmaid a very thoughtful thank you note.  As much as they loved the gift, I think all the girls appreciated the love letter just as much.  Be thoughtful, lead with the heart and nothing else matters.  :-)
  • MrsMack10612MrsMack10612 The Witch City member
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    My spend was all over the board, but everything I got was individualized to each girl.  Sometimes I'm ashamed to admit it, but I only spent $5 on the gift for my sister who was amazing and did so much for me during our wedding.  However, I also know the gift I got her was absolutely 100% perfect for her.  She ran around showing everyone what I got her.  

    I honestly believe that if you get something thoughtful and true to the person, the moneyspent is not important.


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