Wedding Recap and Withdrawal


I am a few months out from our very budget wedding. I mean we do not have any extra money-every paycheck goes toward the wedding, and I am committed to not get in debt over one day.

Having said that, I want a wedding video SO BAD it like pains me to think about not affording a videographer. Now, it would be about $1,000 to put on my credit card, but I feel like, years later, when FI is out of school and we are comfortable financially, I will regret not having a video to watch of our wedding day. I want to watch every minute of the wedding over and over whenever I want. I also want to watch the processional before I walk in the church and see the grandmas and all my bridesmaids wallk down the aisle before I come in. Also there are so many moments that we won't be able to capture at the reception since we'll be mingling the whole time with guests.

I thought I'd ask here since this is the board for most brides who already had their wedding--will I really regret not getting a wedding video, or is it not that big of a deal?

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