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My fiance and I are in the early stages of our DIY centerpieces and would love some advice.  The attached photo is what we have so far.  The cobalt blue wine bottle will hold two flowers and the frosted square has our table numbers etched in to them.  The frames are there to explain the meaning behind each table numbers.  (Fiance and I were long distance for 6 years and each table will represent a different place/apartment number where one of us has lived as a piece of our journey)

Current changes we are thinking about making are
- Change the Black Circle to a different color and possibly square instead
- Change the flower type in the wine bottle to an open bloom
- Make the frame a flat metallic
- not sure if we like the blue light under the table number or just the candle in there

Re: DIY Centerpiece

  • A metallic frame might look a little more polished (literally and otherwise), but the wooden one is fine. Just depends what you're going for. I prefer just the candle in the table number thing.

    I might skip the black circle thing altogether since the votives don't really fit on it with the main grouping. The votives create a circle around the larger objects, so I would either use a circle (or none) or switch to a square but get rid of the votives. The main grouping itself works very well; the mix of heights is well balanced, and odd numbers are generally best.
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  • the frame needs to be metallic.The glowing room number thing looks out of place.
  • I think the candle only option looks great. A metallic frame will give the grouping a better look though the wooden one isn't bad either.
  • I love these centerpieces, great job!! I do think a metallic frame would make it all that much better! :)
  • I'm also in agreement - the wooden frame doesn't fit the modernistic style that the rest of the centerpiece is.  If you already own the frames - a bottle of spray paint and go to town for a $2 fix - I'd opt for Silver with the blue because matching Blue is a royal PITA... 

    The other thought is, this is a very 180 degree centerpiece and not a 360 one which is how your guests are going to be seated.  While great for the cake table or the guest book table, I'd re-think the frame aspect and do something like an easel with the description on it next to where people are going to get their place cards instead of at each table to "fix" that...  Then use the frames on the cake table for after dinner or someplace else

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