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Mexican/American Wedding DIY music order

Ok, so I am of Mexican descent and enjoy Spanish speaking music a lot as does a lot of my family. We will be going the DIY music route and wanted to know from fellow Mexican American brides (and if anyone is or knows a DJ that has advice on multicultural weddings) on how you would go about the music order. I LOVE LOVE LOVE both english and spanish. I will dance to pretty much anything. We started making a list of music and asked others for what they wanted to hear. In my head, I thought it would make sense to to a few Spanish then a few English, few Spanish, few English. So switching back and forth and ending with music that I know both sides will dance to like generic party music like LMFAO, etc. How did you music play out at your wedding or what advice do you have on the order of music? I don't think it's a huge deal as I know both sides will dance to each others music but for those who will on'y dance to specific types of music-what do you think?

Re: Mexican/American Wedding DIY music order

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    I Recommend DJ Ink, he was my DJ for a private party and he is absolutely a master when it comes to engaging a multicultural crowd. I am Brazilian and I had a doubt whether Ink would be able to since he is Spanish and Spanish music is different than ours. He was outstanding and definitely surprised me with unique DJ skills and throwing in Brazilian music I didn't know of! I would certainly recommend him. He is a reasonable rate. I have his contact info 
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    he also has all equipment which was less of a headache for us! 
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