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Bistro Lights

I really want bistro lights incorporated at my indoor wedding. Problem is nothing can be attached to the walls or ceiling. Anyone have any ideas? So far all I can think of it 2x4s around the dance floor and attaching the lights to that. But will it look tacky?

Re: Bistro Lights

  • Ask your venue if there are any existing wall hooks you can utilize. My venue has the same rule, but it has several hooks we're allowed to use--just no additional tape/tacks/etc.

    If they don't, you might look into renting coat racks or something instead of plain boards. Or lay the lights on long tables instead of hanging them, or spell something in lights on a large board that you can just prop up against a wall.

    As for whether plain boards will look tacky, it depends on your venue, style, and the general level of formality.
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