Any Advice :)

Hi girls, I am getting married next year at The Barn at the Meadows. If you could give me any advice from one girl to the other about getting the wedding ready with decor and props or any tips I would so much appreciate it! Thanks and happy weddings! :)

Re: Any Advice :)

  • My advise is to keep things simple, the more you add, the more work, expense and stress you will have. Have a game plan in place ahead of time on how you want things done & try to write out a sheet for each item & if possible, includ photos. So for example, Gift table, or escort table, do a set up at home and take photos of how you want it to look. Then put everything for that table into one box with instructions. Then when someone asks, what they can do, you can give them the box & go, here is the escort card items, there are instructions in the box of how I want it set up. And maybe even make a map of where you want things set up.

    Also if you are doing any lights, before figuring out what you want, see if you can stop by to map out where all the electrical outlets are in advance so you can plan for extension cords. And also find out their rules about how items can be hung. Some venues won't allow for nails or staples into walls or ceilings. But command strip hooks can be your best friend with putting up decorations.

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