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Any Crossfit Brides?

Hey everyone, I just recently started doing crossfit to help me get in shape and lose some more weight for the wedding. I've been a runner for a while and I took a body pump class opposite of the days I would run but this feels like a totally different kind of workout. Has anyone else been doing crossfit for a while? What kind of results did you see? Anyone have any tricks for building your endurance? Excited to hear your responses.

Re: Any Crossfit Brides?

  • Me! I've been going for about a year and 4 months and have seen a lot of changes in terms of strength and the way my body looks since I started taking it seriously in January. I've dropped about 15 lbs but gained so much strength. I did Elizabeth Rx yesterday!! 

    The running helps me, too. I ran a half marathon 2 weeks ago and it was awesome. Crossfit is great because it combines both cardio and strength so it's really the best of both worlds. Plus it keeps you coming back for those PRs and the community. 

    i would recommend just keep going. It takes a while and lot of dedication to see serious gains. It's taken me since January to get from #35 to #95 cleans WOD weight. 

    Good luck!!

  • I love CrossFit!! I didn't really lose weight from it because of how much muscle I gained, but I looked a lot more toned and felt a lot better about myself. I had to leave my box because I moved, but I plan on going back in January when I go back home.

    My biggest word of advice is go as often as you can! Twice a week minimum, but ideally 4-6 times. This will help build your endurance and keep you moving forward. So if you can get an unlimited membership, spend the money because it is well worth it!
  • I've been a crossfit athlete since 2012 with a 9 month break to finish up graduate school. The first year I was involved I was also nearly 100% on the paleo diet and lost about 35 pounds, but due to a grad school budget I was ultimately starving myself.

    Since fall of 2013 I've been with one box and have been about 50% paleo, with decent results. I've focused more this time on building my strength rather than losing weight and I've seen the results. mostly my upper back and quads/thighs have developed some definition, but also my waist has nipped in and (of all things) my bingo wings are smaller! 

    Regarding endurance, my box has an "endurance" class twice a week that can be very helpful. High intensity interval running, swimming, and/or biking on your own can make a difference as well. Make sure on the days that you're resting that you're ACTUALLY resting - don't go to a strength class or an endurance class. If you must work out, do yoga/pilates, a low impact course, zumba, etc. And stretch, stretch stretch! Stay as hydrated as possible, and make sure (if you do nothing else) that you don't push the weights you're lifting too high and sacrifice form - that's a good way to injure yourself!!!
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