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Bubbles for ceremony recessional?

We just switched ceremony venues to an outdoor venue. I've always liked bubbles at the end of weddings, so I was thinking of getting them (also gives FMIL something to help with, she's constantly asking  about favor-y stuff). However, when I asked our event coordinator at the venue if bubbles were allowed, she said yes, but be careful because some bubbles stain wedding dresses. 

Has anybody come across that? If so, any recs for or against a certain brand? Am I going to be drenched in bubbles way more than I'm expecting?

Re: Bubbles for ceremony recessional?

  • Yes, I have heard that.  No recommendations to offer- try the Google.
  • Yes, I've heard that. I don't know of any bubbles that won't stain, I'm sorry.

    Personally, I would not risk staining my dress so people could blow bubbles. Because how will you know until the stain is already there? Not worth it, IMO. 

    What about ribbon wands? Those don't leave any junk behind, so I'd be surprised if they weren't allowed. 

  • It all depends on what material is used in your wedding dress.  If it is polyester satin or taffeta, no problem.  If it is real silk, then yes, the bubbles can make marks on your dress that will not come out.
  • I had a satin dress & no problems
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