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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

Post Wedding Drama

My wedding was wonderful. Obviously, there were a few small flaws but nothing to detract from the wonderful experience. Now, however, I have a few family members intent on starting drama on the very public forum of facebook. It all started because I have two fathers- my dad and my stepdad, both of whom I call dad. My dad has not been the best father, while my stepdad has been there every step of the way. This did not stop me from including my dad though. I had both of them walk me down the aisle, and my stepdad gave me away. I did two father/daughter dances.  Everyone said what a nice job I did including them both. Well, now my dad’s side of the family keeps leaving nasty snide remarks on a picture of me and my dad about how he is my only father and should have given me away etc. One of his cousins even wrote “fudge you” to my mom for “keeping me away” from him. It’s all very immature. I wrote back asking them to stop and telling them it was disrespectful, this was my wedding day and not about my dad at all. Then my cousin told me it was her picture and her family could post what they wanted, that I was not her family. It was a little hurtful. I have untagged myself from the photo but I’m not sure what to do. They haven’t been an active part of my life, but were really sweet during the wedding- driving 3 hours to my shower and wedding, but their comments are rude and embarrassing.

Re: Post Wedding Drama

  • its very possible that they are very jealous of you,honestly i would just delete them off of your facebook page and ignore it.Be the bigger person and just let it go,once they know that what they are saying has no affect on you they will grow up and stop.You married your Hubby and had a beautiful wedding in the end thats all that really matters.
  • Make all of the pictures in your profile private to only the people you want to see. YOu can create a group within your friends on facebook and make the pictures only available to them. Then disable commenting on your pictures as well. Finally go to your privacy settings and set it so that nobody can tag you and pictures you are tagged in don't show up in your profile.  Then ignore these people.  Maybe even block them on facebook so you don't have to view their comments but you are still "friends" with them.  
  • I would delete them as friends and essentially cut them out of my life.  I am not a particularly forgiving person though.  
  • I would definitely delete them off my FB and completely ignore them. They are the ones looking dumb by doing this, not you.
  • I have a similar situation with my step dad who is amazing and my real dad that hasn't always been a huge part of my life. i haven't gotten married yet but i fear that something like this will happen. my step dad is going to give me away and im worried what everyone else will say.... if this was to happen to me i would tell my real dad that he needs to speak to his family and tell them that you made the decision for you not for them to like or unlike. i would either delete them from my page or have it where they would only see my information not pictures, wall, etc. i hope it all works out. i know how hard it is dealing with family that doesn't agree with your decisions.

  • Limited Profile.

    ^^Those words are your friend if you don't want to delete family members off of your profile (even if they are hurtful.) With all of facebooks new changes, I'm not sure if this is still true but they used to have a way to view how your profile looks to specific people. You just put their name in and it updates to exactly what it looks like to them.

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