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Caesars Palace bouquet costs?

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Would anyone like to share a picture and costs of their Caesars bouquet? I want to upgrade my 4 rose bouquet that comes with our package but thinking what I want may be quite expensive! I can't find any info on who supplies CP with their flowers.

This is what I would like:

I understand I could pay another outside vendor fee to Caesars (already paying the photography one!) but $200 for this seems a bit unreasonable - I didn't mind for the photographer!

Thanks everyone :)

Re: Caesars Palace bouquet costs?

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    That's very pretty!

    I'm not a Caesars bride (getting married at the aria this September ) but this is what I'm upgrading my bouquet to which cost me $120 extra on top of our package. I think the amount credited from the included bouquet was $200.
    Judging by the cost of the aisle decor at the aria which is super expensive I didn't think $120 extra was too bad.
    It was really important to me to be able to choose my own amazing bouquet!

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  • Oooo @laurenlozzy that bouquet is beautiful! Do you find the Aria website quiet hard to navigate? Or am I just doing it wrong? 
  • That is beautiful @laurenlozzy ! Such lovely colours. I think $120 is really good for that. I think mine is going to be more as I only have $75 included in my Caesars package but we will have to wait and see.

    As you say, it is important for me to choose my own and it is something that I want to be really happy with and love so if it is one of those things that is going to cost a bit more then so be it :)
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