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Wedding Recap and Withdrawal

How mushy!...yet, how "so us"!

Favorite kissy-kissy picture and favorite "this is so us, I can't STAND it!" pics! :)

His kisses are THE BEST!

But being with each other brings the BEST out of both of us! :)

Re: How mushy!...yet, how "so us"!

  • My favorite kiss picture:

    This is us, laughing together because I heard a song and KNEW I had to dance to it, even sung along, but at the end of the song asked him "what song was that?" Then realized it was the one song he had requested the DJ play- The Honeymoon Song by Everclear

  • I haven't heard that song! (and I love Everclear! - now I'm going to have to go check it out! :)
  • P.S.: Love your pictures , by the way! SO adorable!
  • This one is THE kiss, so totally a favorite! My other favorite is in my signature.

    And this was taken near the end of the night and is very much "us." 
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    Aside from my siggy, here are my "mushy, but US" favs:

    Image and video hosting by TinyPic
  • I just have no poise. I'm pretty much being goofy and laughing all the time. And H just smiles and deals. :)

  • Those are all so cute! I love them!

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    Beautiful photos ladies!

    My favorite kiss photo is my sig photo.

    This during our first dance. I love these two photos. We're dancing to Ray LaMontagne's "You are the best thing" and during most of the song I'm singing it to H as we're dancing. 

    This is another favorite that shows off our goofy fun side

    Wedding Venue - Ramsey Golf & Country Club, NJ Image and video hosting by TinyPic
    Photographer - Steve Belner, of Photovisions
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  • Love all of the pics!
  • Us, in front of the bar we met at.

  • My favorite picture of us kissing.  I love the background.

    My favorite picture of us being "us".  We did one of those choreographed dances to a song montage.  This was us "Tebowing" at the end:

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  • Thanks! I'm having a grand ol' time thinking of ways to reminisce the happy moments on this page - and with pics! B/c I'm sure that every picture has a memory of that day! I'm about to embark on posting something new in a few minutes!

    I do have to say, it's enjoyable to read everyone's mini-comments captioning their pictures! Everyone's personalities peek through!
  • As always, I love all the photos and stories! 

    Here's my favourite 'kiss' photo:

    And, I think this one is really 'us':
  • This is my favorite kiss picture. She was holding the wish lanterns we did later on in the night. 
  • This thread is so cute, I love all the pics!!

    Here's our super mushy moments:

    The Kiss

    Our "OMG we're married!" moment right after the recessional:

    AND, the hilarious bustle hustle, where my photographer laughed her butt off at how many people it took to get my ridiculous train bustled.

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