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DIY Cake+ Sam's Club

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So my original post about DIY cakes/cupcakes was closed without my questions being can anyone please tell me about Sam's Club cakes/cupcakes? Do they have gourmet flavors/fillings? Anyone have reviews/ratings/tips for ordering a tiered cake?

Re: DIY Cake+ Sam's Club

  • We use Sam's Club for cake for events at the school I teach at, and it is always delicious. I've only ever had white or chocolate, though, and just sheet cakes. 
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    I would think it'd be easier to call your local Sam's Club and ask? Just because it's a warehouse type store doesn't mean you should treat it any differently from any caterer or baker that you would approach.

    And also, your previous post was answered, as it wasn't a question of Sam;s Club at all, but you wanted to make your own cake/cupcakes. There were 14 replies I believe, most answered your question.
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  • Okay, so now that I've had coffee and am a bit nicer, I would say that you should price different bakeries and taste them as soon as possible. While some places may be cheaper, the quality may reflect that too. But with any bakery, including Sam's Club/Costco, keep the below in mind.

    You want to discuss multiple pricing options:
    - full tiered cake
    - two tier cake with a sheet cake or cupcakes
    - one smaller cake with  sheetcake to cut and serve or cupcakes
    - cupcakes only
    - cake pops (with combo of any above or stand alone only)

    You'll get an interesting range of prices, and hopefully you won't have to spend $500 on a "Cake" (also depends how many servings you get).

    As for DIY, here are the things to consider:
    - amount of servings you want
    - what cake flavor you want and will you be experimenting with various recipes
    - what is your baking skill level
    - do you have all the necessary equipment to make so many portions of cake/cupcakes
    - do you want or even able to do a tiered cake
    - do you want to make multiple smaller cakes or one giant sheet cake
    - do you want to make cupcakes
    - do any of these freeze well and do they taste okay after thawing out
    - how about the frosting and filling: what kind, will it freeze well, will it last about a week and taste well
    - how much decoration do you want to put into this, and how much extra will this cost
    - how much time will it take to make enough cake/cupcake for all the guests
    - where will you store it after you make it at home
    - how will you get it there without messing up decoration or structural integrity of the cake
    - how much will the ingredients cost for all the cake, and then break it down for all the servings (so that if your DIY will end up costing ~3 per serving, that is cheaper than most bakeries (depending on your location), but if more, do consider using a baker).
    - where will you store it at your venue
    - who will transport it
    - will your venue even allow for you bring this in home-made

    If your DIY does cost less in making than buying, think about the time, effort, transportation, and storage for before, during and after the wedding. Depends on what you want, but a DIY cake can add so much stress and worry, that it'll be easier to order a cake somewhere (it doesn't have to break the bank). 

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  • O.k. ask yourself "Do I have 2 hours to set up cupcakes on my wedding day?"...  "Do I have 2+ hours to set up a wedding cake and/or cupcakes when I should be showing up at the ceremony site?"  ... "Who am I going to ask to WORK at my wedding to do the above instead of attending the ceremony and having a great time?"

    I've used Sam's for events.  No, they don't have gourmet flavors.  About as exciting as they get is white vs. chocolate whipped icing (their whipped icing is fantastic, their BUTT-r-cream SUCKS!).  It's a warehouse club, while their cakes are tasty and reasonably priced with the buying power of billions compared to a baker, it still comes with a price!  Remember, the decorators at Sam's have exactly 20 minutes TOPS to dedicate to your ENTIRE order.  A baker is going to dedicate 20+ HOURS to your order, AND they will deliver it so you don't have to lift a finger the day of your wedding or worry about asking your friends/family/self to work instead of enjoying themselves.  Setting up cupcakes is a mess, I did this for my husband's cousin's wedding - and it took me 2 hours to do, and I was coated in icing because it is going to get on hands taking them out of the transport containers to transfer to the table.  A baker can do the icing on-site, is also going to offer the flavors you're wanting to have.  Heck, you could even negotiate a baker to use Sam's frosting and frozen cakes so you don't have to lift a finger with the delivery (really, it'd be rare to find one willing to stake their reputation on Sam's, but anyway...)..  You need to price it out and be realistic about the value of your and your guests' time.  Yes, it's rude to ask your guests to work at your wedding!

  • I'm struggling with the cake thing myself. I don't want anything fancy since I'm on a budget and the reception will be laid back/small. FYI, in the south, we have Publix grocery stores. Supposedly, their tiered cakes are good and inexpensive from what friends have told me.

    I'm getting married up north, so I can't use Publix. I want to try Sam's Club. I don't know if Sam's offers tastings...and I can't find many details regarding ordering options, etc. I hope to check out my local Sam's Club soon for details. If I find anything-- I'll post back. Until then, if anyone has any experience with Sam's Club tier cakes-- please post your opinions.

    Many Thanks!
  • I have bought Sam's Club decorated sheet cakes many times.  They are your choice of chocolate, vanilla or marble, and they are beautifully decorated.  Very moist and delicious.  I highly recommend them.
  • They are with Wal-Mart. So they should have beautiful yummy cakes.

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