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Start Talking Honeymoons!

We are down to the last 4-5 months! If you and your FI plan on taking a honeymoon and haven't booked it yet, it's time to get on it!

I'm really looking forward to our wedding day--I know it is going to be beautiful and so much fun, with many memories for years to come. But the honeymoon is making me even more excited! I can't wait to spend 9 nights in Hawaii (Big Island and Maui). FI's mom and stepdad travel to Hawaii a lot and gave us these two books called "Maui Revealed" and "Big Island Revealed" by Andrew Doughty. Lots of tips and secrets not hints like activities, beaches, restaurants, luaus, spas, hotels, etc. I highly recommend those books for any of my fellow Hawaii Honeymooners :D 

For those taking a honeymoon, when are you leaving? Right after the wedding? The morning after? Waiting a few months?

We are getting married on Friday so we decided to leave Sunday morning so we could say goodbye to friends and family on Saturday and finish wrapping up loose end s(picking stuff up from the venue, returning tuxes, etc).
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Re: Start Talking Honeymoons!

  • We are also doing Hawaii- I'm going to check out those books!  We are doing 6 nights on the big island, 8 nights on Maui and 2 nights on Kauai, followed by 1 night in San Fran.  And we are leaving 3 weeks after the wedding- I love Thanksgiving so I'm happy leaving at a later date. 

    What activities are you planning on the Big Island and Maui?  
  • We definitely are doing the Road to Hana day trip, and a day trip of snorkeling/etc at Molokini through the Pacific Whale Foundation (if you're not a member, it is worth it to sign up just for the perks and discounts). We would also like to do the nighttime manta snorkel or scuba on the Big Island, which we've heard is not to be missed! I would love to do a zip lining adventure as well. 

    FMIL bought us tickets to the Feast at LeLe Luau in Maui, which is touted as being the most romantic luau on the island--you get a private table, dinner served to your table, and it is on the beach. FMIL got us a reserved table right up front-and-center.

    The Pride of Maui is supposed to have a nice sunset dinner cruise as well.

    And I'm getting my spa days at The Fairmont Orchid on Big Island and Spa Grande at the Grand Wailea in Maui while the new hubby plays golf :D
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  • Very nice! 

    We are doing a sunset/star gazing trip on Mauna Kea.  I've been looking forward to that most- we planned it for the new moon and during a meteor shower- so hopefully the weather will be good to us.  We are doing a day at Volcanos national park, possibly two days.  We are also going to check out the beaches on the Big Island.  Then we fly into Maui for  4 nights of just relaxing at the Hyatt Andaz.  We wanted to give ourselves a break and just relax since we are doing a lot of traveling.  Next we are doing Haleakala to hopefully see the sunrise, the road to Hana for 2 days, and ending in Old Lahaina to do the Old Lahaina Luau.  I heard about the Feast of LeLe- and really wanted to do that one but we went with Old Lahaina instead.  We are doing a submarine ride, and I think that's about it on Maui.  Kauai is going to be very quick- just to do a helicopter tour and sunset cruise.  I'm so excited! 

    Hpopefully I will find a time to fit in a spa day... that would be amazing!
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    It's getting closer! We are flying out early the next morning at 7:30. Flying to San Francisco for a 10 day Mexican Riveria cruise. We will be stopping at Puerta Vallarta, Cabo, Matzilan and Manzinilla. I'm surprising FI by upgrading to first class on flight home. I'm hoping they'll have first class to fly there but will have to wait. We will be staying in a suite on the very back of the ship with a large balcony. @arrrghmatey I'm like you! So ready for the honeymoon.
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