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Wedding Woes

NONONONONO! Run girl, run.

Dear Prudence, 
About four months ago I started dating a really wonderful guy. He is considerate, well-educated, thoughtful and we have a lot of fun. I could see a future with him. However, there is one issue that I am concerned about. My boyfriend’s father, who was a manual laborer, is in his late 50s and has been out of work for some time. He lives with my boyfriend, who completely supports him financially (the mom is not in the picture). I genuinely like his father. But his dad is an alcoholic and every day my boyfriend brings home two liters of wine for him to drink. I have gently brought the situation up with my boyfriend, but he says this is better than his father drinking cheap booze, and that his dad supported him for his whole life, so it is his turn. He has tried to get his dad to stop drinking, but his father won’t. Is there anything I can do about this or is accepting him enabling his father just the price of admission to an otherwise amazing guy? 

—Blinders On

Re: NONONONONO! Run girl, run.

  • Well...

    What kind of drunk is he, really? Is he just pleasant and then goes to sleep? I mean, probably it's not great for him, but bright side! He'll die earlier. 

    I mean, yes, clearly she has a problem with this, and she should break up with the guy. But I don't see a problem *necessarily* in a young man taking care of his father. The alcoholism is where it gets iffy, and if she doesn't like it, she shouldn't deal with it. 
  • I love that the boyfriend justifies it by saying it's better than drinking cheap booze. Because dad passed out on NattyLight would just be disgusting, but some Merlot? He's classy.
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