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how to handle the BIG DAY!

Was your wedding overwhelming? I am getting married in almost a month and I do not know how I am going to keep up. I feel like on that day I want to spend time with everyone (200ish ppl) and the groom and dance and have fun but I feel like there's so much to do and people to see that I won't keep up. I guess my real question is how to handle the day? Thanks!

Re: how to handle the BIG DAY!

  • Make sure that you keep the time you and your groom are separated to a minimum at the reception.  Sure you each want to chat with a special relative or your friends, but people will stop and chat with you and then someone else will, etc.  Before you know it, you have spent quite a bit of the reception apart.

    Either do a receiving line or table visites to make sure you speak to everyone, but whatever you choose, make sure you are mindful of how long it will take.
  • I was surprised at how many people tried to stop me at every couple of minutes thorughout the night to get their five minutes with the bride. Even when I was trying to get in position to make our entrance, I had people pulling me aside. Remember that they are all just trying to help you share the happiest day! Try to just always keep a smile on your face (even if you have no idea who you're talking to) and keep things brief. Yes, I wanted to say hi to all of my guests, but I couldn't let saying hi to everyone keep me from enjoying the night with my new husband! I let the music be my guide- if two songs had gone by without me kissing my husband, I basically poilitely removed myself to find him and reuinte.Your excitement and happiness will be so overwhelming you won't even worry about it when the day comes!
  • Overwhelming is an understatement! I felt like it was an out of body experience whirlwind!! Our wedding was absolutely amazing but boy does it go by fast! Everyone told me in advance to make sure I took time to look around and eat my meal and speak to as many people as I could, but seriously on the actual day, you just go with it, there's no time to think or remember all the little advice! Good luck and remember that not everything will be perfect but to have fun and enjoy every second!!
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  • You'll be fine.  Just try to savor each moment as long as you can and while it's important to be polite to each guest, try not to get too wrapped up in trying to please everyone else over enjoying your day.  Don't be afraid to say you need to move on and visit others/your husband.  Like PPs said it really does go by oh so fast.
  • Try not to stress about any of the wedding details on the big day (ie, when vendors arrive, who's setting up what, etc) and just focus on you and your new H.  Also, try to take your time with everything and focus on committing it to memory.

    Also, one of the best pieces of advice I had and enjoyed was during the reception, sneak away with your H somewhere and just take it all in.  H and I sat on a couch in the foyer area of the reception hall alone where we could see inside the doors to our reception and we just held hands and enjoyed the few minutes alone together.
  • I agree to make sure you savour the moment and take it all in because the day will be over before you know it. I also agree with doing areceving line or going to each table and saying thank you for coming.
  • We ate before we made our "debut" at the reception and then mingled with everyone as they ate. I have never felt so popular in my life! I know we missed speaking with a few people, but not many and honestly I loved every minute of it. I never felt overwhelmed, just grateful that so many people came out to celebrate with us and were happy for us. BUT, if you have a schedule for the day or anything like that always allow a little extra time for everything. I did feel a little rushed getting ready, but once it's show time, you just go with it and soak it all up! 

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    We only had 73 attend (we wanted it to be small) and it was fine for us to talk to everyone. We did talk to everyone at least once, and we had a sweetheart table so we were able to talk to each other while we were eating. When we got up to greet everyone at the tables I kept loosing my H. We were very unorganized with this, but I don't think anyone minded that we weren't together when we greeted them. Individually we each spoke to all of our guests. I do agree that the day goes by fast and if you are concerned with getting a lot of pictures that will cut your time with your guests significantly. I kind of wish we did first look photos. That way we could have enjoyed more of our cocktail hour. 

    Don't stress over this. You'll be fine!
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  • Recently a co-worker pulled me aside and wanted to congradulate me on our upcoming wedding, and asked if he could offer a word of advice.
    He said, during the reception take about ten minutes to stand off to the side with your new husband, and just look around. He said the night goes by so fast, if you don't take the time, you won't remember a lot of details.....just a thought.
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    Try to do some planned table visits during your reception (preferably during the later part of dinner or early part of dessert). It's an easy way to chat with everyone for 5-10 minutes while they are still seated (and easy to find).

    Also ditto PP's advice about taking a few moments to soak it all in with your new husband.

    Finally, just try to relax and really ENJOY yourself. People love seeing a couple in love and having a great time at their wedding. We went to a wedding a few years ago and the bride looked so stressed out and angry about everything - it really cast a gloomy mood over the whole wedding.
  • I am having a receiving line and will take you up on ideas about sitting back for 10 min and taking it all in! I think that's an excellent idea..... as long as I remember to do it! I am very excited for the day! Thanks everyone!
  • Like everyone else said its definitely a whirlwind! and also like everyone else said, when the big day comes dont worry about all the little details, honestly at that point there isnt anything you can do about them anyway! Definitely make time to at least say hi to all of your guests and thank them for coming to your big day! Hubby and I walked around after all the dances together and talked to every single one of our 100 guests! We used our ride home as our time alone together to reflect on the amazing ness of the day!
  • I am thinking about this too: I tend to stess a bit when I plan big parties even though I LOVE planning parties and love parties in general. But I forget to just relax sometimes and it can all go so fast. I want to take it all in and enjoy my big night so I hope I can get a handle on this. I might hire a day of planner to help keep things smooth so i don't have to worry about it.

    I also just want to have fun and party, so I plan to visit each table and take pics with the guests early in the reception so I can enjoy my wedding.
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